Balenciaga MAGENTA FIRST!!!! BIN $1300.00

  1. Oooh and the eggplant she has up :heart:
  2. OHHH... it's finished already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... anyone here that got it???
  3. eping now STOP THAT! you are being very bad for our budgets!;)
  4. bahaha... i can't HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  5. i really like the oxblood purse:yes:
  6. Wow, I'm having serious magenta envy!
  7. SCREAMS!!! I missed out on this! SOBBBBBBBBBB!
  8. funny how 2 months ago magenta first werent even selling for 900$ and now everyone wants one and is willing to pay over 1200..interesting.
  9. crazy... but hey if they are willing to pay for it & they really want it... no one can stop them :smile: PLUS makes them happy!! so it's all goodd...