Balenciaga Lune Bag on Bluefly

  1. There is a pine/black Balenciaga Lune bag on Bluefly right now for $1,756

    Also, one of those really cool rock & roll metal detail bags (I don;t remember what they're really called) in a gorgeous grey for $1,596

    I totally want both of these bags but can't do it right now, but I'd love to see them go to a tPFer - If anyone gets them, post pics!
  2. I like the second one, but its gone.
  3. It's back! I think people put the bag in their cart, but then don't buy it, so sometimes if you just keep checking, it comes back. Good luck - it looks gorgeous!
  4. Those are both very cool-looking bags!
  5. Both bags are 'in stock' right now if anyone was interested. Happy shopping! :tup: