Balenciaga lovers are nice

  1. I think that the people in this forum are great!. :yes: I'm a relative newcomer, but Balenciaga PFers have been very welcoming and quick to respond to my queries, comments, etc. I've noticed on other forums/areas that I've visited that people don't always include newbies in discussions and aren't as quick to help out. That isn't the case here.

    I also love that there are a great group of people that respond quickly to questions about authenticity, and furthermore, they always get to everyone's questions. Another nice feature is that people are happy when other PFers get new bags (even if there is a bit of envy :p). I just want to thank everyone that has made me feel included on here, even if it has helped feed my growing bag addiction :biggrin:.
  2. I totally agree. I'm pretty new also and everyone's been great! This is such a great place to hang out and learn about bbags! Thanks to everyone!
  3. That was so sweet! I'm so happy you feel welcomed here! It's hard to feel welcomed when you first join (it was hard for me~ I felt so alone but it got better really fast!~LOL) but am glad to see you post this so we could see how we are doing!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart:
  4. opps~double post~ sorry!
  5. ITA! everyone is so nice and helpful! i'm a complete newbie, too, but i don't feel at all like the long time members are alienating the newbies! you know how you first join a forum and you feel like you need to hide and lurk for a while, because the old timers are treating you like trolls...? LOL. well, they don't make you feel that way here. i'm a long time MUA member and it's really nice to recognize some familiar "faces", too! :smile:
  6. How sweet Chuggie and bearkeeper! So glad y'all feel welome... I agree that the bbag forum is an awesome place!
  7. I completely agree, I'm pretty new here too and everyone has been so nice, even when my question has been that of a typical amateur. Memebers will repeat and answer to a commonly asked question whithout getting angry. I love this forum and I've learned so much, you're all FABULOUS!
  8. yeah, girls here seem soooo patient! you don't really see the kind of responses that can bring tears to the eyes of the poor little newbie... "um, see page 2" or "this has already been posted" or "do a board search first before you start a thread" or "there IS a search option, you know."
    thank you again everyone for being so nice!!! ok, now i'll stop kissing a$$. :p
  9. Totally agree! People here are so nice, they are willing to help others and willing to provide a lot of good information!!
  10. Welcome guys! *hugs all around* :biggrin:
  11. i totally agree...everyone in the babag forum is super nice!! the other forums aren't quite as welcoming!
  12. :wlae: Yea, these girls rock.
  13. Ahmmmm....and the men rock too :p
  14. I love it here. Everyone is very kind, and so supportive of everybody. When you get a new bag, everyone is a cheerleader and it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy! When you ask questions, help is all around. It feels like we are all family! I by nature am a very optimistic person, and I trust everybody. No one has ever let me down here, or been rude to me about any comments I have ever made, nor has anyone ever made me feel stupid about those same comments. I feel pretty safe here! We are all bbag sistas,(and bros!) brought together by a love of bags, sticking together because of a love for each other!:heart:
  15. Yes, the men rock too! As stated by a few others, it's really great that people will patiently answer the same questions that have already been asked in the past. I have even had people refer me back to an old thread so that I could read up an issue in depth. I have received a great (and free) education from all of the people here and I really appreciate their help!