Balenciaga Love

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  1. Can I say that I just love :heart: love the purse style?

    I've been carrying my city bag and it's great (fits everything!) but I don't like the shoulder strap too much and have been carrying it by the handles. Today I decided to switch and use my bordeaux purse. very easy to carry this bag and doesn't slip off my shoulders. :love: Makes me want to get a purse in every color!
  2. I've never seen one IRL but they seem great. But doesn't Bal stp producing them?
  3. ^Too true! One's just not enough is it? If you're in Mile High City, I'll be looking out of a Balenciaga toting lovely around town!

    What bag style is your bordeaux?
  4. It's the purse style. I read from several sources that it will be discontinued :sad: