Balenciaga love with a question about the Bay

  1. Hi there! I'm visiting from the Balenciaga board. I've always been a fan of the styling of Chloe bags, but I have stayed far away from them because I need my bags to be light.

    But, I recently heard that the Bay is really light. Is this true? I particularly love the non-quilted tote/satchel (like the one Britney was seen carrying).

    Any opinions on its practicality would be very helpful. How does it fit on the shoulder? Is it easy to get into?

  2. Hee hee hee....Another Balenciaga gal asking about the Chloe Bay!

    I did the same thing a few weeks ago after falling in love with the Quilted Bay.

    I didn't end up buying one because even though they are light, by Chloe standards, it was still a bit heavy for me!

    Good luck:yes:
  3. I am a massive b-bag fan as well as Chloe so I know exactly where you are coming from :yes:

    I have both the quilted and the non-quilted Bay bags and the non-quilted bag is a bit lighter than the quilted. I have the regular non-quilted and it is a really good size - in between the City and the Work. It is heavier than the b-bags (what bag isn't :shrugs: ) but IMO it is still a light bag and isn't as heavy as say a Paddington or Large Edith because the leather isn't as thick and there isn't as much heavy hardware.

    It is really easy to get in and out of and very practical with the two large pockets on each side. I use mine for work/business as it looks very smart (I have black) and it holds a ton, including A4 files. It fits over my shoulder easily even with my suit on.

    Hope this helps a little bit. Of all the Chloe bags the non-quilted bay is the most similar in style, leather and weight to the b-bags and so probaby the ideal place to start :yes:
  4. Thanks so much! It sounds awesome!
  5. I'm a BBag girl, too, and I bought a Bay in Moka tonight. Yep, a cheater.
  6. i have the regular camel bay and moka hobo and both are so light, i find the hobo more practical for my everyday use coz of its smaller size, plus i luv the color so much !!!