Balenciaga Linen Weekender

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  1. I did a search and nothing came back so I decided to create a thread. I was only looking for my next BIG buy and came across this bag. I dont own any BBAGS but I have always been a fan.

    Anyone know where I can find this bag? or if its even still available? i have no idea where to begin my search.

    Please Help!

  2. OMG...I've never seen that one before! It's so beautiful! I would take the picture to a Bal store and ask them. I don't know where else I would start. Or Google images of Balenciaga handbags until I came up with the name of it.
  3. its called the balenciage linen weekender. im going to call the store first thing.
  4. I think this is a from the s/s men rtw 2007 line.
  5. i got to have that bag immediately
  6. so i called the nyc and la store and its completely sold out. any idea where to go from here?
  7. speaking of weekender, how you guys feel about a guy wearing a weekender? travel bag or everyday bag?
  8. Brandwashed - a blogger found that bag at the Harrod's clearance sale this year, but I think you may be out of luck regarding this item.

    Farbod - I personally think a dude can totally rock the Weekender - I have tried the women's and men's one on and they both are large enough for a guy without looking "girly"