balenciaga Linen Classique Bag!

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  1. omigosh, i've seen one IRL once (on a girl in the post office) & i had to walk up to her & ask her where she got her bag :P
  2. i love it!! how I wish it was the red and linen combo:love:
  3. That's sooo pretty!
  4. cool but i think i prefer it with a color -- like nhelle said, red would be cool. or green like mlertpac's. either way though, i would be terrified of having a light colored linen bag.
  5. yup, it's a black version of mine. I was surprised to see it on ebay right after I had bought mine & posted pictures of it. :smile:

    chigirl- I'm frightened too, but the linen is sort of nubby and raw- so I think it could hide dirt well.
  6. i like it a lot!!
  7. Wow - that's one striking bag! Is it a rare b-bag?