Balenciaga Linea-Metallica Question

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  1. A question for Balenciaga experts;

    Me and my boyfriend bought a Linea-Metallica travel bag in beige (i think thats what its called, I just pointed at it in the store said "I want it" and dribbled).

    What I would like to know is what colours have been made in thsi line, but for the hand bags. Not the carry all travel bags. Did they ever do them in suede? Any other leather colours?

  2. Thanks for your help but sadly theres nothing on the Linea metallic line there. i think it's because its quite a new design.

    Dopes anyone else know anything about it?
  3. Hmmmm...... I have never heard of the Linea metallic line. Sounds interesting.
  4. It's the one LiLo was carrying in brown, with the metal plate on the lower corner.
  5. They have these at Louis of Boston (Boston, MA). If I remember correctly, they had a White and Black (or dark Navy). I'm not particularly fond of them, but to each's own!

    Did you try Harvey Nicks or Brown's? Last time at Harvey Nicks, they had a pretty good selection of Balenciaga. Doesn't Selfridges also carry them (oh yeah - Matches too).

    I think someone posted a note that Harrods is carrying Balenciaga as well (they didn't last time I was there).
  6. Harrods does not, they brought in some items but they do not keep a stall. Harvey Nic's does and Selfridges does, both really low in number, but that is where I get my B bags from.

    I saw the linea travel bag in Harvey for the first time and bought it in the George V store in Paris on monday. They did not have many options (brown, beige, ivory, black, lilac, blue and a snakey looking brown) in small and medium styles (small equivilent to a first and a medium to a city). I am planning on getting either a ivory or lilac on monday as a summer bag, but the blue looks gorgeous as well!

    I started the thread to find out if anyone knew anything about random colours. In the paris Balenciaga store the SA whispered about some brighter - impossible to find- colours around, and again some interesting colours planned for future release. All hush hush. But as most of u guys are more clued up that tye SA's i thought i should ask!

    Best part about the linea metallica line? THE USE OF OLD LEATHERS! lovely and creamy mmmmm
  7. I have a small duffle/boston linea metallica suede in magenta color, it was just an impulse buy but had I not bought another city, I would def. keep it:love:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. i don't have any info but wow, i really like that bag!!
  10. does anyone know what colors the smaller size came in? i've only seen lilac and camel...
  11. i *think* i've seen it in a fuschia, purple and sky blue colors before
  12. so wait- this bag has the same leather as the motorcycle bags? it looks thicker and more textured, more like the fendi spy leather. how is it in person?