Balenciaga Limited/Special Edition Handbags!

  1. I have never bought a Balenciaga handbag before but I have always loved their pony hair handbags! I have noticed that almost all the ponyhair handbag that I have seen (on eBay) seem to come out quite often. I saw this gorgeous Pony Hair Box but I just simply do not want to risk buying a fake on eBay.

    Does anyone know how often the pony hair handbags come out? I would like to order one from Balenciaga if that is possible!

    Thanks a Lot!!!​
  2. The ponyhair bags were a special holiday collection in 2006. I think they did metallics for holiday 2005, and I have heard that this year it will be tweed wool with leather trim.

    PS -- I hope you find your ponyhair! I have one, and I like it -- it's really different!
  3. The ponyhair bags tend to be faked less than the leather ones because, honestly, they are not that popular. I like ponyhair, but not in the combinations that Balenciaga produced. Why don't you ask the ladies on the Authentication thread when you see one you fancy? It might turn out to be genuine.
  4. I actually found one and it was authenticated but then I found another seller with the EXACT same description and pictures...that kind of scared me so now i'm trying to see if I can get a hold of one through Balenciaga possibly...
  5. moving to shopping...
  6. Well, as Roxane said, these bags don't sell as well as the all-leather you shouldn't have any problem finding one of these (just be sure to get it authenticated if it's on eBay). Check w/Neiman Marcus San Francisco...I know they had a lot of them at one point. Maybe they still do. It would probably be worth trying BalNY as well. careful with it once you get it...don't let it swing back and forth against your body too much. These tend to develop bald spots with too much rubbing.
  7. Neiman Marcus in Tampa put the pony hair bags on sale last holiday season. They are all long gone...they came in a electric blue-ish color, camel and a orange-ish saddle color, optioned in the city, day hobo, and the first...even if it's authenticated from ebay it could still be fake...the only way you could get your hands on one through Neimans would be to go through Neimans last call add to previous comments, they have shipped in the tweed/leather hobos
  8. There is actually one on
  9. Neiman Marcus last call in Orlando had a few of them, I think they were 550.00
  10. Fiatflux-Thanks, I checked with the San Fran NM and they do not have that handbag anymore but then he offered me the YSL muse in pony hair (BUT IT ACTUALLY SOLD THIS MORNING!) and then he called me back and offered me a YSL downtown in pony hair but unfortunetly i'm not fond of that style!

    Laz0409-I saw the one on and its not the one that I want, I think that the bag may be too big for me...also I do not like camel color. (I was actually looking for the box style in black pony hair)

    Emememem-I called orlando NM las call and the girl on the phone said they had a rectangle one in brown (so then I asked her if it was the box style and she had no idea what I was talking about) So now i'm having her send me a picture through email. (even though I do not like brown all that much) I have also called all the other NM last calls locations that are bigger and may carry it. Unfortunely they do not have any.

    Thanks ladies for all your help but unfortunetly the search was inconclusive:crybaby:I guess there is that one on Ebay if I get really desperate....But I have also called Holt Renfrew in Vancouver and talked to the Balenciaga Specialist. she is going to contact the buyer to put in a special request to see if they can do anything for me!