Balenciaga Leopard Flats-Sizing

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  1. I'm looking at a pair of Bal Leopard flats on ebay and I really like them, problem is, they're 38.5EU. I don't own any Balenciaga but in most designers I range between 37.5-38 (mostly 38 due to width).

    Does anyone have these? Or could offer sizing advice as to whether I'd fit them? I'm thinking because they're leather with calf-hair, I could probably fit them... thank you for any advice! :smile:
  2. I am usually same sizing as you and all of my balenciaga arena flats are 38. Also, I may be wrong but I thought that they only come in whole sizes?
  3. I read through the Balenciaga flats thread on here and others have bought half sizes, I assume most stores just don't stock half sizes? :smile: