Balenciaga leather questions

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  1. Hello
    I want to buy a balenciaga city or town, but I have never seen one in person. But which leather is the most durable and not that heavy? :smile: is the city very big and heavy? I have not made up my mind between the city or the town :P
  2. Hi Madde,
    Spend some time trolling through the Balancinga forum and you'll find lots of information that will answer your questions. There is a wealth of good input (and lots of pretty pictures) to help you make your decision :smile:
  3. I completely agree with what was said before me. I would also like to add that the leather is actually depends more on the hardware style than the bag size/style. All of the regular hardware (classic antique brass, gold regular, silver regular) and giant hardware (Giant 12 gold, Giant 12 silver) are all made of the same distressed lambskin (aka. agneau) leather right now if you buy new from Balenciaga. The metallic edge is made from pebbled goat (aka. pebbled chevre), and the metal plate is made from calfskin.

    So if you want pebbled chevre, your only choice would be to get a metallic edge bag, but the metallic edge bags come in both the town and the city (actually, the metallic edge town is harder to find right now). Durability wise pebbled chevre is typically better than agneau but the chevre is a little bit heavier (or more like, the metal plate in the metallic edge bags are heavier), not to mention the look of the leather is totally different. Little is known about the metal plate's calfskin right now as it is new for 2016.

    hope this helps, tour around the Balenciaga subforum and our reference library for more info!
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  4. If you want lightweight, go with agneau (lambskin) and regular hardware. Slightly heavier but still lightweight is the lambskin with G12 (mini-giant) hardware. The chèvre (goat) Metallic Edge bags are heavier, more durable, and more expensive.
    City isn't a big bag, more medium size in my opinion. It slouches a lot from its stated measurements, so it doesn't seem all that big. But this is a personal judgment and you must try these bags in person.
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  5. maybe consider how you will use the bag. the town is really made for crossbody wear, with it's extra long strap, and the city is more for shoulder/handheld. the weight is pretty light for both, it depends what stuff you put inside. the town gets heavier faster w/stuff inside because it's a slightly smaller bag. i couldn't decide either, and ended up with 2 towns and 2 cities. i am tall, so i much prefer the town bags because of the crossbody strap being so long. honestly, you will fall in love with either.
  6. The absolute lightest bags would be:

    > Old Chevre [Goatskin] - (2001 - 2007)
    > Calfskin - typically only done as limited/special editions
    > Lambskin [Agneau] - 2008 S/S to present
    > Holiday Hamilton Bags - 2011, 2012
    > Metal Trim - Goatskin with metal trim

    Some of the heaviest bags are made from Sus Scrof (Wild Boar) or Cameau (Camel). However, all that being said, the hardware does factor in as well .. with the old G21 being the heaviest.

    Good luck!
  7. I just got hold of a new set of the old city in chevre leather. The leather is so so thin n light n soft which makes me question its durability. Is it even durable?
  8. Sure is. However, some old chèvre bags had fading issues.
  9. I dont mind fading (i think) as i can always re dye the bag or something. But the leather feels like i could almost just tear it. Need to assure myself that it is durable before i actually use it
  10. It's lasted for how many years so far? There's a reason people collect the older bags. Have you posted any pics? If not please do!
  11. It is from the 2005 collection but in new condition. Here is the pic. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468674705.161385.jpg
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  12. And yes i read a lot people saying leather for the older bags are much much better softe lighter n more durable which was why i am over the moon with the fact that i got hold of the old chevre city.
  13. Even with the G21 HW, I still find Bal bags to be light(er) than most luxury brands. With the regular HW, it's like carrying nothing even when my bag is stuffed!
    I own a few chevre w/ G21 pieces and I find the leather to be thicker and smooshier than the newer models. The fading issue is more prevalent though in my chevre pieces than my current cities. However, I still prefer the older G21 models. lol
  14. Do the thinness and lightness reflect the quality of leathers? I mean are fake/cheap leathers thicker/heavier? Btw i think G21 > G12 too!
  15. It's a lovely bag and sure to last many more years, congrats! (never dye it!)