Balenciaga leather "imperfections"...

  1. Hmm. I feel like there's been a rash of problems with "imperfections", which actually mean rips or tears in the leather. didi78's cornflower shrug has a rip, Lucciabag's new ebay purchase has a rip, I believe another member had an Olive bag, with a rip.
    Does Balenciaga consider these things "normal"? Lucciabag's Purse, well who knows how that one happened, but didi778's shrug was brand new. Do you think these problems are the result from the processing of such thin leather?
  2. it could be the processing, but also storage of the bags. maybe they dried out more easily and thus were more prone to cracking.
    i wonder what balenciaga thinks about it!
  3. I don't think that these were the fault of manufacturing or workmanship. I think like any skin, depending on storage, they may dry out. I have never had any problems with my 10 bags.
  4. I think it is a couple of things. My Bordeaux first was damaged and I believe it was because it was stored neglected in a warehouse for a year. It might have been siting in a box untouched the whole time and the leather may have dried out making it crack, etc. Also, when I spoke to Leslie(buyer/manager at BalNY), she said that it's not so much that the leather is so drastically different, it's more a problem with quality control. She said that Bal was making sooo many more bags and quality control has really become lax; however, it is supposed to be tighter and more improved with the upcoming season.
  5. Hi Pupsterpurse,
    Right! I was trying to think of who else had the problem!
    Makes sense. I guess a split could occur under those circumstances, esp. if a section of leather was even slightly thinner than normal, making it more vulnerable.
  6. Yup, but thankfully, Leslie and Joseph said the leather we will see is much better quality now. Plus, PFer reports have already confirmed it. I'm hoping they won't let quality control relax again or that they'll condition any handbags that don't get sold after a really long time so they won't crack.
  7. yeppers, i think that makes sense, even though my SA still insists on not putting anything on their b-bags :blink:...i mean, afterall, it's goat-skin, not some synthetic material...if mine start to look crackly, i'm definitely gonna put some lotion/conditioner on 'em!!!

    p.s. do you condition yours too shoegal?
  8. I didn't until I started seeing what could happen.:huh: My '04 bags were great, I didn't touch them. But my chocolate day and bordeaux from last year had some spots that definitely needed help. Strangely, it wasn't the entire bag that needed conditioning. I've also started using those bags more to help the process along.
  9. hi bbagbubba....yes I do agree that there seems to be a rise in the number of reported rips in new b-bags. From my shrug, it looks like it is consistent with the natural marbling of the leather, so it definitely appears as if it's too dry and "cracked". It just seems strange that shirise recommends to NOT condition these bags, as if it would ruin the leather. But if you don't condition, they seem to be cracking. Until retailers start admiting that there's a problem with the new leather drying, then it's just an invisible issue.
  10. i Didi,
    I think at some point we, as owners have to trust our instincts. I'm conditioning. Just think, it's so dry here, and very warm if not downright hot. I think I'll give my bags a good look every 6 months, and add some moisture if needed.
  11. exactly! my lubed shrug is GORGEOUS!!!!! go with your instincts!
  12. mmhmm my apple lotioned inks are amazing! i say condition! i dont think the bal SAs will ever recommend it b/c of possible problems, but IMHO the 06 bags need it! my ink leather is amazing after lotioning it up!
  13. Hmmm...if President Bush cannot admit he's made some mistakes with
    regard to Iraq, how in the heck is BNY going to admit there are problems with the leather cracking and ripping? :blink:

    I know apples and oranges, right? In my experience it's because BNY is unwilling to admit their mistakes.
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