Balenciaga Leather Confusion?????

  1. I am still confused as to what type of leather the black medium city bag I ordered today from Balenciaga NY is going to be. Obviously it is goatskin, but is it thin and shiny??? Should I wait until the fall for the thicker leather? Help!
  2. I think you'll prolly get the thinner/waxier leather unless they already have the Fall bags available. I'd ring to ask, just to give peace of mind. Otherwise we'd just be speculating.
  3. ^ I agree.

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  4. i don't think it's guaranteed that the fall bags will have new leather - there isn't any definite confirmation regarding this - guess we will just have to wait and see
  5. The recent leather is thinner and marbled but it also depends on the batches as well. I've seen bags with great leather. You should ask your SA about the different leathers they have and request for thicker less veiny bags if they didn't send it yet or you can exchange it for better leather, if you're not happy with the bag.