Balenciaga kaffiya scarf...

  1. Does anyone know more about this?

    It was issued last year 2007 sometime and it has little coin/charms hanging off it...was featured in the runway pics of Fall 2007...

    Just wanted to know the retail of it and if its still available...have only seen one on eBay for around 5000 USD!!!! eeek, so I was hoping I could still find it :heart:
  2. All I know is that I want one

  3. Despite the huge price tag, I do believe it did sell out immediately. It's a really wonderful piece. I'm not sure how the little charms don't get all tangled up. But with such a huge price tag, perhaps the people who have bought them can afford to employ a full time "charm detangler". I'd looooove to own one.
  4. true....i was wondering if the charms were very delicate and would get tangled or even possibly fall off somehow.... =X
  5. I think the retail price was around $5000 - the eBay one isn't over retail.
  6. Lol :roflmfao:, so i have to start save, because before buying it i have to pay for the charm detangler...
  7. HOW much? Wow! *faints* Suddenly the clothes and the bags don't seem so expensive :lol:
  8. $5,000 for a scarf?! :wtf: Interesting.... The scarf was just sold for $4000 and pictures were removed immediately.
  9. The retail price is about $6000, so $5000 is a deal! And eBay is your best bet, those babies sold!!!
  10. Wow, I know the bags are expensive but I can't fathom having so much money that I could justify a $6000 scarf. Not that it wasn't lovely, but really... It seems like you would be able to find something like it in a market if you were a world traveler.
  11. wow - lovely, but pricey!
  12. yes Cheshire, or make it from scratch for, say 250 bucks..2 yards of rayon/linen mix, 4 to 5 yards of gold chain,grommets, charms, nice chunky yarn for the long edge fringing..anyone want to try?
  13. That's really annoying that they removed the photos so quickly...why do that? Here's the only pic I could find...a tiny thumbnail:

  14. good question fiatflux ..perhaps because they were SO detailed and good that they were a lesson in 'How To'?.it IS so beautiful, but as mentioned before, by calisnoopy and phebe you'd think the wee charms would tangle together..
  15. i actually just bought it for 4K BIN...the seller was super nice though...reeves, ive seen them sell lots of great things on eBay before.

    ill post more pics when i get it early next week--its arriving from hawaii