BALENCIAGA JACKET:would you buy it??


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hi girls !! i have the chance to get this famous jacket BALENCIAGA from a consignement store in ITALY....THE JACKET IS 70% OFF and i would pay it 350 euro instead of 1250!!!:nuts:

i love this jacket....but the problem is that it is not my is a 42(us 4) andi am an italian size 38 -40.....

arghhh!!! do you think a tailor could tighten it and do a good job, considering that some parts are in leather??

should i buy it or not?? arghh another big dilemma



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May 10, 2009
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GREAT price, but the from a tailor's points of view, could be fiddly, depending on what you need re-shaped.

I only buy pre-loved clothing that I alter and re-shape, and in some instances, if I love the fabric sufficiently, completely take apart and re-make (I am about two to three sizes smaller than what is usually on the pre-loved racks).

Although the jacket you love is absolutely DIVINE, a 42 going down to 38 with all those panels, would, I imagine, be fairly fiddly if your tailor has to alter the following: shoulder width, waist width, sleeve length, back darts, and finally the lining so it does not bulge... I hesitate to think what the tailor would need in terms of time.

42-40 is not so time consuming for the tailor - I think that might be a simple case of the single side seam being sewn in for you.

If you are the right height for the jacket and the shoulders are fine on you and sleeve-length perfect, then you may just need the tailor to run a seam in at both sides (or in the back: I can't see what the back looks like, so your tailor would best be able to tell you). This won't be anywhere near as time-cosuming or expensive.

Anything is "alterable" in my view: the questions are
(1) how long it will take (time=$$)
(2) will the tailor be able to maintain the jacket's original shape (it looks almost bell-like at the bottom - so pretty! Plus there are pockets that seem to almost go all the way around to the side seam)
(3) will you like how it looks after it has been altered, if there are any unavoidable changes to the shape and structure?
(4) is the tailor good with leather alterations (some tailors are fine with leather, others are not so great)
(5) also, from what I can see on the picture attached (is that you in it? If it is, there's no need to alter it, as it fits perfectly) the front breast pocket zips are again quite close to the sleeves: so if the tailor has to pull in the shoulders to fit you, the zips may appear out of proportion in that they move even further off to the sides than they already are

There are some very good tailor: maybe you could get a recommendation for a good, reasonably priced tailor and go from there?

Or, you could purchase the jacket (it is very well-priced), take it along to get some quotes from various reputable tailors and go from there. If you can't find a good tailor, you may be able to re-sell the jacket again, since you have not touched it, and it really is gorgeous!

Finally, what if you take this picture to a tailor, tell them where it's big on you, and see if they are happy to tell you whether they can do it for a price to suit your budget?

Hope this helps!

And, if you do purchase it and find a great tailor to alter it to your satisfaction, please post your modelling shots: I'd LOVE to see you in this gorgeous jacket!
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thankyou so much for your precious advice!!

first of all :i am not the girl in the picture(she is the gorgeous clemence poesy!!:nuts:)...i also would like to have her bag eheh

my tailor is very good..but i dont know if she is practical with there are other 2 pictures(i am going to ask measurements) i also think that i could wear 2 -3 pullover to llok like a 42 :nuts::P



Dec 24, 2006
Hi Chloe, I would say don't buy it even at that price. I also have a german 34 which is italian 38 and mostly I don't find clothes esp. jackets that fit perfectly. So sometimes I buy those pieces, esp. two leather jackets that I have never worn but one time and felt uncomfortable.
I don't know how the shoulder 'inlays' are called, but they are mostly too wide and sometimes look kind of masculine on me.
Hope this helps:smile:


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Jul 11, 2007
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i do not like this jacket that much buttoned but unbuttoned it looks pretty cool, but i am afraid it won't look that great if it is too large, i love my jacket to be my size, or else it'd feel like swimming a big jacket. lol


Jan 7, 2009
I love this jacket, but it depends where it is too big for you. I would keep looking for the right size.
May 1, 2009
dear chloe, the price is great~
It is not your size, so if you get it you may feel uncomfortable while you wearing it.
And I think the style of this one is common, you may find some new jackets this season. this website has so many beautiful and interesting clothes.
I think this jacket is so cool and it has Balmain's style. I like it, but it is expensive for me~:sad:


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Sep 29, 2008
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I would only buy it if was a great price and the right size.

I think that it being the wrong size is an indication that it's not the right jacket for you, and that you will find one you love more that will be a perfect fit!;)


Apr 9, 2009
Might be hard for the tailor to alter it - looks like there is a lot details on the jacket but great find!!!
Do you know if this jacket runs true to size? The reason I ask is that some Balenciaga jackets run a little small (I have a a Bal suede jacket that was too small in my original size). Perhaps you can get the consignment store to give you the exact measurements? If it does run small, you might not have to get it altered as much. Also, I'm assuming you made sure that the sizing they gave you is Italian, not French (just checking - since I know Balenciaga uses both depending on where an item as made). Good luck! I for one think the jacket looks great.


Mar 17, 2006
Darn: a size 6 down to a size 0 is a lot! If it were your exact size I would say 100% buy it (I LOVE this jacket!) because I think it needs to be snug to look "right", but I agree it sounds like too much alteration to work.