Balenciaga...I've got a crush on you


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Dec 2, 2005
So I just bought my Louis Vuitton Batignolles last week (literally), but I am so obsessed with the's ridiculous! :love: I'm doing some research on their bags, which I plan to get in about 2-3 months. (fingers crossed! :Push: ) For those in California, where can I go in the Los Angeles area that I can actually get my hands on one and see if its worth the investment?

Also...I am trying to narrow down my choices....Here they are in order...
1) Classique/First/Small
2) Twiggy
3) Medium City/Motorcycle

and as for colors...
1) maroon/wine
2) navy blue
3) grey
4) brown

Yeah...I'm all across the board here :shame:

Is there a waitlist for these bags? Cuz...if so...should I get on now?! I have a Balenciaga IQ of about 10, so...any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I'd recommend Barney's. Not all of their bags are on the floor, but you can ask an S.A.

You could also visit Maxfield. They have an better selection since they are (relatively!) less well-known. However, as of a week ago I heard they hadn't got their S/S colors in. You might want to call beforehand if you're interested in those. Hope this helps!
I think as a first choice, you should go for the first/small size. Then as you start to work your way up to a larger B-bag collection (yes, I'm being a very bad influence to you right now), then you can go for the twiggy and the medium. That's what I'm going to do!! :lol: I just bought a small and now I want a twiggy or a medium. Bad bad influence... :shame:
My Balenciaga obsession lead to a purchase last week :shame: I agree with Irissy, you should start with the first/small bag, then see how you like it and if you want to expand your collection :biggrin: If I decide to get another one, it would most likely be the Twiggy in cornflower blue or white.

I'm not sure where you'd be able to see one up close, but you can e-mail Aloha Rag ( and ask to see their list of available bags. They also have a PDF with photos.
My first balenciaga bag, was a city size bag in rouge. I was intially going to go for the first, but changed my mind. I thought that the rouge colour will look amazing on a big bag...the city isnt as big as it seems...its meduim and its totally worth it to i am planning my next city...
I agree. The Medium is a great daytime bag. It is the perfect size. You can fit everything you would need for daytime - wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, makeup case, book - very comfortably. I have two Mediums and am now on the list for the Twiggy in rust. I think the Twiggy is a really cool shape too but for your first one I recommend the medium. The one exception is that if you want to use it mainly for going out at night. I do use my medium at night but the classique is probably a better nighttime size.

I would also call the Balenciaga store because they have the best selection of colors.

good luck on your quest to get a Balenciaga! I know you'll totally love it!

I'm leaving work early today to go and get my Twiggy! (very excitied), but I must agree with what some ppl have said, MEDIUM is a good size to start off with especially if you have a lot of stuff! :smile:

keep us up dated and i'm sure we'll be more than happy to help ya!!!
I got my first Balenciaga in the City size. I'm very happy with it...and am also in LOVE! I just e-mailed aloha rag to see what they have in work bags...because now I want one for work (preferably brown or ink). I went to my NM and they had the box, work, and a shoulder style available.

I want a twiggy too! The cornflower blue is gorgeous (don't know if I'd use it a lot though). I saw that color at NM too!
Seriously, I must confess. I am developing a MAJOR crush on Balenciaga myself. You guys must understand that my purse fetish just really took flight within these last couple of months. Before then I wasn't able to tell what type of bag a person was holding even if my life depended on it. So I would just buy whatever bag I thought was cute. I purchased a bag at "Warehouse" clothing store sometime last year and was TOTALLY loving it. I thought it was so hot. But then it fell apart on the third day. I was pissed.......

But last night I was cleaning out my closet and found it again. I finally realized that it was a knockoff of the Balenciaga bag!!!!! I was laughing my ass off. I now know that I must get the real thing. Fortunately I am not to far from the actuall store in New York. So after work I will just have to take a peak and drool until I actually get my hands on one. This might even take lead over the spy for me...:smile:
my first was a twiggy in Origan then I quickly purchased a box in black - I think my next might be a my opinion, any of your choices would be a great addition; as for colors - look in your closet then look at the color swatches.

Good luck - oh, and owning one does nothing to quell the addiction...:P
I have a chocolate brown balenciaga "the first" in medium. I LOVE IT. The real balenciaga bags leather is unique because it creases. The creasing looks amazing on my chocolate brown balenciaga bag. It gives it a very vintagie feel. Its great to wear with any colors. I wear it everyday and everywhere. Definitely a bag you will get a lot of use of. Also consider that light colors will dirty easier so if you will be lugging the bag around everywhere with u go with a darker color.
Hmmm ... well, well, well ... ;) ... do I see someone eclipsing my B-Bag total in the near future (hee hee :nuts: :biggrin: !!).

See ... this is what happens when you start getting into these bags, that's why I have 14 of them and will probably get at least 2-3 more this year. Let's see, first on the list is:
  1. The Black/White striped damask Medium City (just profiled in the latest Bazaar or Vogue - can't remember which one!)
  2. Yellow - I've heard that yellow is going to be one of the colors for Spring ... hope so!!
  3. Just saw the "Shopper" at Barney's yesterday ... LOVE the style (more similar to the First, but bigger ... which is what I need!). Haven't decided on the color yet!
See what I mean ... JOIN THE CLUB Andrea, it only gets worse!! :lol: