Balenciaga items on sale @ Aloharag

  1. Here you go:

    We currently have the following Balenciaga items on sale.

    Mini Purse $114 (original $285) in Denim/Brown

    Travel Bag $622 (original $1555) in Caramel, Marron

    Travel Bag Medium $678 (original $1695) in Black, Brown

    Saddle Boston $510 (original $1275) in Brown

    Fringe Bag $574 (original $1435) in Marron, Navy

    Arena Hook Sml Purse $518 (original $1295) in Paisley

    Also, could anyone post pics of the travel bag and of the fringe bag? I don't know them...:sad:

  2. thanks for posting. with the exception of the mini purse, they are all not from the motorcycle line. the travel bag looks just like LV keepall with shoulder straps and i believe they are not made from goat leather.
  3. Thanks for the info :smile:
  4. thanks for the info
  5. Not familiar with these styles ... But thanks for posting!
  6. What is the mini purse? The makeup? that I look at the price, it must be the mini coin purse...
  7. So the denim is a brown color???
  8. I'm guessing it's blue denim with brown leather trim...but don't know for sure.
  9. Help sorry i cant find them on there site, do U have a link please?

    Thanx Fx:heart:
  10. Sorry but they don't post pics on the websie because Balenciaga forbids it.
    You could try and contact them so they can send you pictures (apparently they don't do it al the time though...).
  11. Thank U babylovermika,
    Last year the stil did, Balencaiga is giving us a hard time. To buy and collect their bags.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  12. From the above description, never heard of that before too, are they all balenciaga bags?
  13. I thought Saddle were Dior bags. Arena hook is from Balenciaga, but not sure how they look. As for the Fringe bag, well, that could be anything.