balenciaga is now on

  1. How excited was I to wake up and find this email. One more option for cyber stalking/shopping lol . Happy shopping ladies
  2. did they just start this?? there are some old bags...styles and colors...

  3. yeah, this is new. they didn't have Bals online before. Looks like the main purpose of showing the Bals is to move older inventory. There are lot of 2009 and 2010 colors. Great chance to get some lovely colors!
  4. Great, thanks for sharing!
  5. nice! love Neiman!
  6. Spring arrivals are up today :smile:
  7. I got the email from N-M on Monday and I ordered a City RH in Anthracite. I received the bag on Friday and the paper tags say it is 2012, so I am excited. I do not know if any of the other bags are left over, but this one says it is a 2012 bag. This is my first brand new bag (bought a pre-loved 2005 The Purse in Bordeaux last year).
  8. thanks for the tip!!
  9. Love their new spring collection! Had anyone seen that beautiful Glycine color? Absolutely gorgeous...
  10. they are also doing a gift card with regular priced purchase deal right now until the 24th...
  11. Only, Bal purchases do not count towards the GC:sad:
  12. Did you try to use the code online for it? Or did they tell you that? The promo ad shows up when I'm on a page for one of the bags, so it makes it think it's eligible.
  13. That's what I thought until I got to checkout. Ended up with a very frustrating call with a cs supervisor who chastised me b/c she said my fault for not for not reading the fine print. I thought exactly what u did; there is a box there. Apparently it was not the"right one" Not happy
  14. How bogus! I actually clicked on the ad and read the fine print, but I don't remember seeing Bal being excluded. I know it said something about qualifying purchases but I didn't see where they stated the exclusions.
  15. That's what I tried to explain to cs. All it says is designation on the page. They said there needs to be a blue box but bal bag pages have info in a purple box and I'm pretty sure they were part of the gc promo earlier in the month. The lady I spoke to was rude and not at all helpful. Saks might have a billion exclusions with f&f but at least they are clearly stated. I wonder if anyone else contacted cs about this.