balenciaga is like a cult.....

  1. before i joined this subforum, i found it impossible to be loving a particular brand a lot. but after i joined the subforum and got my first bbag, i am starting to realize that i keep wanting more and more and nothing else.
    i dont think this is healthy, but i have come to the point where i like my bbags more than chanels :wtf:.
    the first i do when i get home from work is checking balenciaga subforum..... my husband said that i am trapped in balenciaga cult :yes:
  2. oh my god! that's exactly what i do! lol
  3. LOL I think you are right!:yes:
  4. i spent most of my time in here too. lol
  5. heeeeeeeeeelp!!! :sos::sos::sos::sos:
  6. welcome to the wonderful world of being balified.:supacool: sit back and enjoy the ride.(and your bal bags!):love:
  7. yes you are and there is no way out.... :rochard: woop woop b-bag world here YOU come!!!
  8. There's a great niche industry available for whoever figures out how to de-program us...
  9. haha i do the same thing now too! it's balenciaga's uniqueness of leather & colors that got me hooked. i love it even if nobody pays notice on the streets what im carrying in my arm. i know this is bad but sometimes im walking down and im thinking "my bag alone costs more than your whole outfit". especially the people who walk down thinkin theyre the ****.
  10. I agree with's a bit consuming. I find myself not liking as many bags as I used to when I'm out shopping or something. And if I do find something I like that's not a B-bag, I always think, "Nah, I need to save money for my next Balenciaga." Ha ha, how sick is that!
  11. ^I do the same thing. I poopoo so many bags now... my friends hate going shopping with me. The leather just isnt as good. bottomline. I do find myself liking pretty fabric patterned bags though- I really like miumiu and pucci bags on occasion. but for leather bags- the leather is either, thick and rubbery or it has the awful coating on it :bleh: I just cant get into them...
  12. I confess I have not worn my Hermes Kelly (see avatar) or black Birkin since i have my Balenciagas (Ink Purse and Marron City)..
    And I am an avid reader of the BAlenciaga forum, daily when possible.

    I agree with you ladies that it becomes hard to love other bags... I must point I saw some really nice leather at H&M and Mango (high street european shops). That's my way to reassure myself I did not become a total bag snob!
  13. Now I get it! It's all part of sucking me in to the cult! Probably my avitar picture of my LV's made the B-Culter's want me even more! I thought you girls were being so sweet. Now it's too late! My first BB gets here tomorrow and there is no turning back! Oh well, at least it's a fun cult, and I don't have to shave my head or anything crazy like that!..........Do I?
  14. I have the same: I got hooked and was lost for any other brand after receiving my first Bbag which was the ink city. I don't use any other of my bags. Yesterday I forced nmyself to take Edith out but she was sooo heavy in comparison to my Bbags that I happily switched back to my rouge work. I'm already lusting after a new Bbag: a twiggy or day in rouge vif. I'm so in love with this colour that I would do what I never understood before to have the same colour/style in a different style/colour.
  15. Muh ha ha ha... we got another convert! :devil: