Balenciaga, is it still in?

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  1. Ladies, I'm an LV fan but i recently grew the love for Balenciaga and would like to purchase one. However, i live in Virginia and the only Balenciaga stores that i know are in NY and Barneys in LA. Do you ladies know where i can buy an authentic B-bag online? Also, what do you think of the Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle Bag? Is the style still in? Or is it last year? Another thing, what color should i buy that can go with almost everything? Black/white/chocolate?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.:amuse:
  2. I think that the b bag is pretty low key compared to the lv/gucci bags that are so overtly obvious. I just got mine in black, and i love it. I got the medium sized one and it is so roomy, the leather so soft and light. The black is pretty shiny so i think it goes with lots of different outfits. My clothes are solid and are more classic pieces, therefore the bag really brings out some "funk" out of my outfits.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Typically you cannot Balenciaga online.
    However, gretta luxe has awesome customer service and will ship to you. They also answer email inquiries about stock levels very quickly.

    I have also purchased Balenciaga from their NY store and had it shipped to me. It is best to call them, others have had luck via email, I have not.

    Otherwise, Ebay is another option, there are reputable sellers, and we are always willing to give an opinion on authenticity.

    As far as colors go, you can't go wrong with black, but what makes a b-bag so great is the array of colors. I must say that I use my origan and ice blue bags the most. The black b-bag I have gets the least arm time. To see pictures of bags, to get an idea of color Ebay is a good bet, as is emailing Aloha Rag for their PDF of current stock, or Browns Fashion in London.
  4.,,,, and all sell authentic balenciaga online. with aloga rag and luisaviaroma you have to email them and they'll let you know how to go about buying and with bob ellis shoes you probably want to call to get the best selection.

    i think balenciaga is still quite fashionable - they've experienced a recent surge in popularity on this board and the continually go near or above retail on ebay for even a used one. great bags!
  5. I called the Balenciaga in NY to get mines. I live in MD and of course no one in this area is selling them.
  6. So the question is, which style should i get and which color? Black seems like a legit choice, doesn't it? I think i'm looking for something to carry over the shouders. Do you ladies know which style would be best for that?
  7. The Purse is a great option if you want to carry it on your shoulder. I believe there is a hobo as well. There are fabulous colors to choose from. Check out
    for color swatches. Happy hunting!!!
  8. I want to get a black medium City. If you have small arms you can will be able get them through the carrying handles, plus it comes with the shoulder strap.
  9. I think they could still be considered in style, although I'm not really a fan. has their selection online and you can contact them to order. Its a great little boutique, thinking of shopping there more often myself. The staff is really friendly etc :biggrin:
  10. After much thoughts, i think i'll call the Balenciaga store in NY and place an order for the Balenciaga City Classique in Noir. What do you ladies think of that choice?
    Also, i'm a little paranoid here, so i gotta ask this. Reading the Seller watch forum, there's a thread discussing that sometimes stores have fake/real bags all together. SAs can sometiimes sell you the fake ones. Is it really true? Should i be really worry? I've never been to the Balenciaga store before. *sigh* i really don't know what to expect.

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  11. Great choice - and No, you should not worry about the quality of bag you recieve from Bal NY.

    these instance we write of are few and far between, and are NOT the norm. In fact, I have never heard of this happening with Balenciaga, I know you can be 100000% assured that you will get a beautiful, authentic, bag from them.

    The only thing you may want to ask is the type of leather on the bags, this seasons bags can range from very to slightly marblized. Just like a slab of beef you can specify how much marbling you want. Not that they are stocking them like that - it is just how the bags were made. My origan has lots of marbling, my black bag does not; both are from this season.

    Good luck and post pics as soon as it arrives. :biggrin:
  12. This might be a stupid question but do they make the purse for every season?
  13. I believe there are 4-5 Balenciaga "seasons" (and related color options) each year...pre-spring, spring/summer, pre-fall, fall/winter, and holiday (or something like that...)
  14. i think it will be in for another 2 years or so. you can call your locam NM and if they don't have one, your sa can find one for you. everytime i go to king of prussia in pa (nm) they always have several, so try giving them a call. i personally like the nedium city, for the price it is more pratcical, the first goes for 990? and the medium goes for 1166? good luck;)
  15. I guess I didn't make myself clear I wanted to ask if "The Purse" was made every season.