Balenciaga Inspired bags

  1. yuck! sooo ugly.
    i don't like this or besso who def. copied balenciaga but get away with its own brand. nothing can beat the leather of real balenciaga.
    i'd rather buy fake balenciaga than buying the besso or this!
  2. I think inspired bags are yucky too, especially the first one.

    I know not everyone spends major money on bags, but I think un-inspired cute cheap bags are a much better option.
  3. Hi there! I don't mind the Bessos at all - their leathers are pretty okay - especially if you can't afford a Balenciaga real deal. I would rather own a Besso than buy a fake Balenciaga - due to all that child-labor stuff going on with the fakes...:smile: I just don't like slapping on a label and touting it as the real deal. That's just wrong and illegal.
  4. I don't really want inspired anything. I like my inspiration to be de novo or at least not blatantly sourced from other current designs. If I love a bag, I love that bag - not some distant cousin usually in a cheaper leather, less well made and without the original features that made it so attractive.

    The best analogy I can think of is that I love my tall, dark, man who wears steel rimmed glasses and I don't really want an average height version with mousy brown hair and plastic glasses however much there is a passing resemblance!
  5. :roflmfao: That's a good one! :graucho:
  6. I had wanted a Balenciaga for a long time, but I'm the type of girl that gets tired of things easily. So to make sure I loved the style, before I took the plunge, I got a Besso, my first and only inspired bag. I am now a proud owner of a real Balenciaga, and I have to say, I'm addicted :love:
  7. I did the same thing Angie. I bought Besso's and I wasn't completely satisfied. But I got the idea of the style, and it's function, and decided I loved it and wanted the real deal. Now I have 2 Balenciagas.
    So I have to say that having the Besso wasn't a bad idea for me. It got me in the right direction.
  8. i'm sorry if my saying that i would rather buy fake than inspired hurt anyone.
    i myself don't buy fakes and not supporting them.

    but i'm talking in a point of view as a designer, i work in design business and i would hate more if my designs were stolen buy a company that only change small details and claim it legal. i'd rather let my designs faked and they still keep my name.
    at least, it meant that the fakers appreciate my design & keep my name :p
    although none of them would make me happy...
  9. ^ I totally understand where you are coming from. My sister is in design/fashion school, and she hates anything inspired. She gave me an earful when I decided to get a Besso. It just was necessary for me before I could take the plunge with a real Balenciaga. But seriously, after owning the real thing, I could never go back to Besso ;)
  10. They make me sad :sad:
  11. the 2nd bag is nice
  12. I think inspired bags are fine. I mean, what is NOT inspired these days? Gucci, Dior, and many others have bags that were inspired by the Speedy. Coach has many bags that were clearly inspired by Gucci. D&B certainly has designs that were inspired by LV. I've seen many bags (Cole Haan, D&B, Coach, even Chanel) that were inspired by Hermes.
  13. i dont like inspired as much as fakes. Fakes are just obviously wrong. While inspired steals the designer's idea.....:yucky: