balenciaga inspired bag any thoughts?

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    Hello all,
    I am fairly new to the Balenciaga world, but I have decided to buy a City in either black or Ink. I live in Small town Canada, and imagine my astonishment when I saw an ad in a local mag with a pic of a bag that looked exactly like a City bag. On further examination, they are called "Tammi Lyn" Google it, you'll see. Is this a "knock -off" or "inspired by" situation? I would never consider anything but a Balenciaga, but I'm curious if anyone has heard of them.:huh:
  2. Yes, I have seen/heard of the Tammi Lyn bags.. It amazes me that price the go for too! :shocked: I personally would save up a few more hundred dollars & get ther real thing;) They are "inspired by" but I don't like them any more than if they were a "knock off".
  3. I have seen and heard of them as well and actually called Bal NY to inform them of their sales. I think its akin to knockoffs just higher priced. I don't know about you gals but I think part of design is art - original art. I really don't get it but to each his own.
  4. They are pretty expensive and they look exactly like Balenciaga even the colours are the same. I didn't know that it was allowed to copy another's designer's bags like this. I totally agree with shoe an amzingly overpriced knock off!!
  5. they are disgusting!!! blatant copies and bad ones!! there are even legitimate stores in LA that cater to the celebrities including intuition and lisa rinna' s boutique which carry these bags. i have seen a bunch of celebrities carrying these bags. one girl even came up to me and said, look we have the same bag! i was ready to cringe bc she had one of those tammy faye copies. i have spoken to bal ny about it and dont really get an answer... i dont get it...remember when hermes tried to crack down on those jelly kelllys?
  6. I totally agree shoegal, I am outraged by these. Someone I work with was carrying an extremely bad LV knock-off and when I asked her about her LV, she told me ( not knowing I was a bag freak) "yep, this is the real thing, my friend gave it to me for my birthday, she has several in her closet" I'm not sure which angers me most, the hideous knock-off or the ignorance.
  7. yeah, i've heard of Tammi Lyn bags... i came across these bags when i was surfing the Net one day... they go for heaps! :-\
  8. when i see these fauxs on street, i say , look its a tammy baye faker!
  9. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  10. ew, how is this even possible? just because it's "inspired?"
  11. yikes, i've never heard of those, that's craaaaaazy :wacko:
  12. i saw 3 tammy baye faker bags in NM today alone, a weird green unknown to bal. a black and a white. awful! i walk by and say faux!!!
  13. From what I understand Bal Paris handles these situations and they are trying to get cease and desist orders. I am sure the difficulty here is the way they are marketed. They are not held out as Balenciaga bags, they are sold as the Tammi Lyn. If they were sold in Chinatown in NYC as a genuine article - then there would be a clear case. It REALLY bugs me because I so believe in the artistry behind design. No matter what bag/shoes/clothing designer you love, they all are artists. To me, its is quite simply theft. Okay its of an idea, but I doubt that Nicolas is flattered:mad: