Balenciaga Ink Work OR Chloe Paddington??

  1. Hi Everyone,

    For my next purchase I want to buy iether a Balenciaga Work Bag in Ink OR a Chloe Paddington

    I want the Work, because I know one day I will be back in an office environment for work. Right now I'm on the road and would NEVER bring a Balenciaga or any designer bag for that matter on the road with me because people in my profession are known for getting our cars broken into. I think the Ink work would be TOTALLY versatile and I would have to get it now as I want a new bag, not a used bag that I will have to search and search for. But if I get it now, I wont get too much use out of it at the moment.

    My other choice is a Chloe Paddington. I just want one to expand my bag collection, right now all I have is Bal, LV and Gucci and I really like Chloe. No reasons other than I just want one :biggrin:

    What should I do???I cant afford to get both right now.
  2. AHHHH! Both!!
  3. Haha...I thought you would say that!

    I'm sure I will eventually have both, but which would be the smarter bag to buy first:

    1) The one that I can get now, maybe not in a few months but I wont be using it for a while

    2) The one that I will use now but will also be able to get in a few months
  4. What type of Paddington are you looking for and what will you use it for?

    I love the Ink B-bag. The color is absolutely phenomenal. I would go for #1. Nothing is worse than having regrets about not buying a bag and then having it be completely unavailable. That said though, it seems that B-bags in one color or another (even rare) are available, but you need to be patient to find it, it may take some time. But if you want a guaranteed new one.. I'd go for the b-bag now.
  5. I say the Work bag. First of all, I have an ink day bag and I love love love the color. It's such a chameleon -- it changes in different light and against different backgrounds. I carry it probably 5 out of 7 days a week. Also, I love the Work silhouette. For my second bbag purchase, I'm probably going to look for a Work or a Twiggy when I save up the $$. And lastly, Paddingtons are soooooo heavy. I just love how light Balenciaga bags are.

    All that being said, they're two beautiful bags in very different styles so a lot depends just on which you'd prefer.
  6. Generally, ink work...but...the paddy is a better shoulder bag, so advice depends a bit on the function you are most interested in.
  7. Even though I have major paddy fever right now- I have to say the INK B-BAG!!! You will not regret it! The color is absolutely incredible and the work style seems to be very functional. Plus, I would wait to see which colors come out for fall for the paddy - unless there is a particular color you are dying to have now (I really want Mousse). It all comes down to which you love more!
  8. Balenciaga.

    I won't choose Chloe cause the bag's too heavy... unless you're getting mousse which is a to-die-for color.
  9. i'm going to have to say the INK Work B-Bag - just because i totally love Balenciaga bags!!!
  10. I'd say the ink work. Yes, I am partial towards the ink color :lol: but also, because the paddy will still be there when you want it next time. But the ink would not ;)
  11. I'd say the paddy!! Even that I love my ink city I just adore my paddy.
  12. O.K, so I originally said both, but I guess honestely I would have to say choose the Ink. It is incredibly beautiful IRL. Here is my ink city:P ;)
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03450.JPG
  13. Wow!!! I have never seen the Ink look so blue like that in the first pic!

    For those who asked - the purpose of the 2 bags would be different, the Work would be for, well, work, and the Paddington would be more of an everyday bag, only not every day....if you know what I mean.

    I think the only thing to do is save enough money for both!!
  14. SpecialK, did you have a particular Paddy colour in mind? If not, I'd say, get the Ink Work now and wait a couple of months to see the new Paddy colours. Apparently, there'll be a darker grey one with silver hardware.
  15. I only joined one week ago but have already given in to the reality that I will have to get both. But, I am soooo glad I found this site where I can buy worry free. Flip a coin!!
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