Balenciaga Ink or Marine

  1. Hi,

    Should i get the First in Ink (on eBay) or the Marine (in the stores)??? I've only seen the Ink in pictures. I'm looking for a versatile, go-with-any and everything color.

    Is the Ink too bright or the Marine too dull? Really appreciate any advice!!!:confused1:
  2. I personally prefer INK to Marine... INK is such an interesting colour with really nice undertones.

    Although, I have not seen Marine IRL.

    Others may be able to chime in that have seen both side by side...?
  3. As for me, i also prefer INK color than the marine....the INK color has this purple tone in one angle and darker tone is easy to match....anyway, i'm still looking for my INK work bag.....:greengrin: :greengrin:
  4. I am the oddball on tpf - not a big fan of Ink - just too purple for me - I like new bags better also and love blues so I vote for Marine
  5. Ink. Marine looks more ordinary, ink is more unique. It's got a purplish undertone and looks black in certain lighting.
  6. I prefer Ink ....:drool:
  7. Ink was the one on right, correct? I like that one much better!:heart: :heart:
  8. I prefer ink! I have an ink twiggy that I almost listed ( bc I got my eggpalnt.. my ink had purply undertones) but decided not to bc I really love this color! Now I want an ink in either work or weekender.... I've seen the marine IRL and it doesn't stand out as much as ink...
  9. Ink is more unique than marine for sure!.....Get an Ink with the most purple tone though.
  10. Totally agree tht ink is more sophisticated than marine b/c of its purple undertone.

    I myself use marine GH part time. I also think tht i would go for ink, if it was released in, i'd sayyyy

    Go for ink in case of RH. But, if u wanna take GH, marine is the great alternative as well!!!:yes:
  11. INK!

    The color is just so fascinating...mysterious even. An Ink first was my First BBag - and still my most precious.
  12. ^^^ told you I was the oddball!!! LOL!!!
  13. ink ink ink ink!!! :drool: :nuts: