Balenciaga Ink or Cornflower. . .What's your choice?

  1. Hey peeps!:yahoo:I have a good dilemma! I can't decide which one to get. I want a blue colored B-bag and I have a choice between an ink and a cornflower. Haven't seen both to be honest but I hope you guys can give me your 2 cents worth.

    I don't usually wear jeans. I like dresses and slacks so It would not be a jeans factor okay. I need a dark colored bag that would match most of my outfits which are brownish, pinkish, bluish and whitish:nuts:

    Help me!!!! thanks
  2. ink!!!!
  3. :heart:thanks emila, can you tell me why? so I can get an idea. thanks:idea:
  4. i have both and i love ink more because they say its a "chameleon"--
    on different lights the bag turns to blue or purple and at night it looks black but cornflower is pretty too.
    let us know what you end up choosing
    goodluck jen and welcome to the balenciaga addiction heeheee :tender:
  5. Cornflower is bright, so if you want to stand out, buy the cornflower. The ink is very dark, so if you're more comfortable owning a dark bag, buy the ink.
  6. I have both colors and if I had to pick just 1 it would be Ink
  7. :nuts::nuts: you guys are great!!! I think I'm going for the ink because of what emilla said. But I would love to own both!!!:rolleyes:
  8. I would go for cornflower given your wardrobe if you love blue ... because ink is very, very dark and not very blue (more of a purplish hue in sunlight). You definitely want to feel love every time you look at your B-bag.
  9. Same here, I have both but if I had to choose I would pick the ink. Ink is such a great color!
  10. I definitely think Cornflower! In my opinion it is a far more versatile blue than the Ink. Maybe I am too colour conservative, but I use my Cornflower more than the Ink. I love the ink, it's very complex, but I have a hard time complementing it with my wardrobe, exactly because of the purply factor.

    I wear the Cornflower with: blue, grey, black, all browns but caramel, khaki.
    I wear the Ink with: white and grey.

    I don't wear pink, so can't comment on that one.

    I wish you well,

  11. I prefer Cornflower. I have a City bag in cornflower and it's one of my favorite bags. This shade of blue can be worn in all seasons. The ink is very, very dark and is more of a fall/winter color. I think Bbags look fabulous in the bright colors. The ink is too close to black IMO.
  12. I would go for ink! I can wear my Ink City with pretty much anything and love how it changes colors depending on the light. It goes from ink blue to purple to black in no time. It is just gorgeous IRL!
  13. I think the Ink is better for fall/winter and the cornflower is more spring/summer. JMHO.
  14. :nuts:okay, so I am definitely more confused now!!!!

    I will get the ink definitely.

    What are your comments about the new color bleu india vs. the cornflower blue.

    HELP!!! I am definitely going crazy. thanks girls for the wonder ful comments but I would rely on you all for my final decision regarding corn flower and bleu india. thanks:heart:

  15. :upsidedown: hello piperlu, but I am from the philippines and we only have 2 seasons here, rain and shine, so it means my ink b bag will not do:crybaby: