Balenciaga INK Day arrival!!

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  1. I finally found a bbag to keep!! so I totally SCORED last week on eBay, an ink day in perfect condition- :biggrin:

    It arrived today and I was ECSTATIC to find it was totally authentic and in great condition... No white veins (my biggest fear) especially since my apple leather care package arrived at the same time! (perfect timing!!)- so I attacked it with the leather conditioner first thing! The leather is actually quite a bit thicker now post-moisturizing session and even thicker than the Pre-Spring 05's that have passed through my hands! Only problem is that one of the tassels is split halfway up the tassel? so strange, all mine just split from the bottom up vertically, instead of across? very strange, but it doesnt bother me really.

    Anyone know how long I should wait before I spray it with the apple rain & stain spray?

    (next thing I am doing is attacking my emerald laptop bag with the conditioner! it makes it feel so squishy!)

    :rochard: :heart: :love: :love:

    (pics to follow very soon!)
  2. Congrats. Ink is so beautiful!
  3. Congratulations! The ink color is so gorgeous- and the leather sounds wonderful!! Can't wait for pics :smile:
  4. Congrats and welcome to the Ink Club!!! Can't wait to see pix!!
  5. Congrats! Where are the pics??? We want pics!!!:P
  6. I really like this color in the day style. Congrats!!!

    Would you say yours looks more blue or purple?
  7. Ooh, very nice!!! I likies a lot!
  8. Congrats to you! It's a beauty!
  9. mine is more purple I think, but my mom says blue... but I'm an artist and I say deep blue-purple :P in the pics it looks black- but it isn't black at all- even in low light!

    Its such an f---ing awesome color!
  10. yay, ocean - this was so your bag! im glad you finally found one that you absolutely love, and for an incredible steal -- see, it was meant to be! enjoy it!

    i spray mine with apple garde an hour or so after the moisturizer soaks in ;)
  11. thanks for the tip mimi! :flowers:
  12. so beautiful! congrats on your new b-bag!
  13. Niiiiiiice! Congrats on the new bag!

    Re: Tassles splitting... mine (Lilac 06) are splitting in the middle of the tassles as well, I thought it was sorta weird too, oh well!
  14. You really did score big time! Great bag--congrats!