Balenciaga Ink Classique WANTED!!!

  1. Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase a Balenciaga Ink Classique?
  2. Hi there. I spoke to Nicole at a NM 610 354-0500. She had an ink first and a work. Good luck!
  3. Hi BellaFiore!
    There's been at least one on Ebay for a while, but the price is over retail. But if you get desperate, you could check it out. Sorry, don't have my ebay browser open, so no link. Hope you find one!
  4. actually, that ink first up on e-bay is only about $50 over retail :yes:...if it's the real deal & you really want ink, you should grab it since that color/style is sold out everywhere!!!
  5. You're right, aaallabama! Somehow it seemed like more (but then I'm arithmetically challenged...):shame:
  6. bbagbubba - good luck on your search for an INK... its such a beautiful colour!!!
  7. I bought my ink classique from hgbags, and it is authentic and gorgeous.
  8. Saw one in Barney's a couple of days ago... Chicago store. They had the ink in almost every style. I definitely saw it in the box, twiggy and first. You should give them a call.
  9. A lot of Inks in Barney's NY too. No reason to pay over retail.
  10. ITA! :smile:
  11. wow, that's great, i didn't know there were so many inks left out there!!!
  12. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your replies. I just joined the Purse Forum as a member a couple of days ago and the community has been so helpful and friendly! Anyhoo, I've decided that I will just wait and see what the Fall 2006 Balenciaga colors are....
    Thanks once again for your advice~!
  13. did you try the ny store?? i just read that they were shipping bags for free?? not sure if thats a rumor though?
  14. i'm 99% sure the nyc store doesn't have any ink bags left (except for a men's ink weekender or 2) :yes: