Balenciaga Indigo City on ebay!!!!

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  1. ladiessss...this looks ok to me...:nuts: :love:

  2. It's beautiful!
  3. Oh I wish I loved blue bags! That's gorgeous.
  4. holy crap! that is such an unbelieveable price! whoever gets it will be so lucky! i wish i had enough right now to get it! UGH! :mad:
  5. Really tempting!....except I'm a bit worried that I don't see any feedback left by past buyers....?
  6. Wow it's so nice!
  7. pleaseeeee ladiessss someone buy it..I am on the verge of hitting the BIN button...aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh:lol:
  8. LOL! i know, i keep refreshing to see if it has been bought. gosh, i hope another one pops up again later on. :noworry:
  9. do it, do it, do it, do it...
  10. LOL we're so bad! I would so get it if I didn't already have blueish b-bags!
  11. Oh,
    you must add this to your Bbag rainbow! It is soooo pretty!:love:
  12. What was the retail cost of that bag? The leather is different from '06 right?
  13. I just purchased an 05' indigo twiggy, and am still waiting on it. But from what I know is the leather is much softer, and as they say more butterier. And it isnt as shiny as the 06' leather. There isnt an 06' indigo, rather an ink and cornflower, which is the blues for the 06' season. The indigo is a really rich and georgeous color, and is pretty hard to find. Atleast mine was. Hope this could help.
  14. Thanks Ranskimmie!
    Did you buy it at the store or somewhere else? Question- is it possible to find '05 bags still at stores?