balenciaga in toronto?

  1. hi guys,

    i'm from toronto and i'm looking to buy a city bag. does anyone know any good stores to check out? and also what are the prices like in canadian dollars?

    any help would be greatly appreciated =)

    p.s. what a wonderful and informative forum. i think i'm addicted already!
  2. Welcome to the PF!!! Holt's in Yorkdale had a ton last time I was there (last month). But I think they were more expensive there than you can get here from Bal NY! Might be worth a phone call so you can get the most for your money!

    Oh, Holt's on Bloor also had some!
  3. thank you Jag!

    i'll definitely check it holt (renfrew right?), but you're saying that it might be cheaper to buy one from ny?

    that's a great tip to consider.

    thank you so much!
  4. see my new thread for details!

    (actually, PM me and i will give you the specifics)
  5. Holt Renfrew is the only store in Canada that sells Balenciaga, but they are waaaaayyy expensive.

    $1475 + tax for a First
    $1595 + tax for a Classique

    Go there just to see if you like the bag, then once you found one you like, call Bal NY and order it from them, even with shipping, duties and the exchange it will still be cheaper. By the way, Joseph is the best person to tall to IMO
  6. Oooh I was just going to say that it's so expensive ! The 15% tax doesn't help either !!