Balenciaga in The Great Singapore Sale....

  1. I don't own a Balenciaga but I've heard they are great to buy in the Great Singapore Sale (Tangs?)

    I like the City- what are the normal and sale prices? :biggrin:

  2. My Ink City was $1195, which is standard retail. I believe that the First is 995 and the Twiggy is 1095 (could be wrong)
  3. Any ideas on saving in the Singapore sale?
  4. Eh I'm not sure. But the other time during labour day, Tangs was having 20% storewide discount and Balenciaga was included. Saw it on the ad, but I didn't check it out cause I was having my exams. LOL, *no mood to shop*.

    Usually they don't release such details until the event itself, so if I see promotions I'll let you know. ^__^ GSS last an entire month!
  5. ^^pls keep us updated on the GSS. i'm considering on going there! :biggrin:
  6. Please beware of places like Tangs, Isetan and Metro! They have been selling blatantly fake Balenciagas for about $400. People think they're real and they're not. Their metal tags say "Balenciaga" and "PARIS" under it, when the real ones should be "BALENCIAGA.PARIS".

    I haven't been back to Singapore in half a year but that's what I heard from friends there. How outrageous. Does Tangs really sell Balenciaga? I mean, Tangs is not a particularly high-end place.
  7. Where have you heard that from? The authorities are really strict about counterfeits over here. I don't thinkg Tangs, Isetan or Metro sell Balenciaga, it's more like they RENT the place to Balenciaga to sell the bags.

    [EDIT] Besides I don't see Metro and Isetan selling Balenciaga.
  8. I do believe they are "inspired" bags that use the Balenciaga name. It is sad. Isetan sells tons of bags that look like Balenciaga too (although I'm not sure if they use the name). I heard this from some friends who also own Balenciagas.. I'm certain that Metro has them. My friend found a couple for $400, using the Balenciaga name.

    Singapore only has a Balenciaga boutique in the Hilton, and I'm not sure if it's open yet, because it wasn't there when I was in Singapore last.

    Anyways, it's not to insult Tangs or anything, but I'd find it weird that they'd sell Balenciaga when they don't even carry LV or Gucci, which are more quintessential Asian "branded" goods. Also, if you find a Balenciaga bag for just $500 during a "sale"...I's probably fake, right?

    Have fun shopping though!
  9. Wow.. lots of singaporeans here on the board :biggrin:
  10. These are licenced Balenciaga (80s) with the BB (back to back) logo which are still valid, they are not produced or designed or sold by Balenciaga but a company which purhcased the right to sell bags and garment in the asia region under the balenciaga name - the logo is limited to their original agreement so they are not techinically fakes but certainly are not the Balenciagas associated with the french fashion house.
  11. yes tangs does not sells balenciaga the only one that sells is at hilton hotel!
  12. Cheers to the Great Singapore Sale!
  13. OK I'll check it out personally and update! ^___^
  14. there's only one stand alone balenciaga at the hilton darlings..

    and talking about "inspired" bags... "inspired" or not.. if it looks like a balenciaga and not sold in the standalone, it's a fake to me. you say po-tay-to i say po-tah-to sort of thing. there's an exceptional range of "inspired" bags in chomel. the fendi spy. the belnciaga city. the mulberry baywater and roxanne. the chloe paddington. the dior detective. it sickens me! hah! of course they are all under the label "chomel" but.. it's such an obvious copy cat, no?

    i just called balenciaga yesterday, with regards to their bags. was checking the prices so i can compare them with those in italy & switz. the Weekender is S$2650+ and they come in leather and fabric, if i'm not wrong. they've got different colours for the bbags but it's quite limited i reckon.

    my boss just got herself the le dix from her parents. bday present. and i believe she told me it's going for about S$1.7k or sth like tht. can't remember.

    and whoa. there are quite a number of singaporeans! we shud all meet up once we get our bbags! hah! (:

  15. Thanks for clarifying! I knew this was going on but was not too sure. How shady. And embarassing too.