Balenciaga in Singapore???

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  1. Ladies in Singapore,

    I just arrived in Singapore today. Can somebody tell me where is the new balenciaga boutique at?

  2. If my info are OK (I'm preparing myself for a trip to wonderful S'pore in July) the Balenciaga Boutique is at the Hilton Hotel, at 581 Orchard Road. I hope some S'porean confirms this!
  3. Yes, the Balenciaga boutique in Singapore is at the Hilton Hotel on Orchard Road. You might like to give them a call as well at 67338270. :smile:
  4. Thanks you guys... I know somebody at this blog is bound to know =)
  5. What is the price comparison like between US$ and S$? Does anyone know? TIA.
  6. Both the Twiggy and the First are S$2199 here, which works out to be about US$1375.
  7. Whoa, that's expensive for the First. :blink:
  8. Thank you Tammy!
  9. Yes, that's where the boutique. A new flagship balenciaga boutique.
  10. I went there.. Unfortunately, I don't like the leather.. Something is off with b-bag leather.. I hate to say that I don't love it.. *sigh*:sad2:
  11. I realize this thread is rather old, but I was wondering the same thing. I'm about to go to Singpore and was wondering what are the prices there. I live in Thailand and for a city right now is like Bt 62,000 or US$1675. Was wondering whether it's cheaper over there. Thanks if anyone can help me out ~!! :yes:
  12. Whoa!!!! Expensive:wtf:
  13. Yes, the price of BBag in Thailand is very expensive.
    I didn't buy BBag here, Thailand.
    I always ask my friends who go to travel or study in Europe buy them (including BBag/LV/Gucci/etc.) for me.
    Anyway, pommypompom, I hope you would get the great trip in Singapore. Absolutely, the designer brands are cheaper there compared with our country.
  14. Yup, it's slightly cheaper over here. The city retails for S$2299 which is about US$1465.:smile:
  15. You can get 10% off if you have the PPS premium Frequent Flyer card. Look for Noreen at Balenciaga Hilton. I saw browns ( coffee, caramels, vert d'eau and the marine with gold hardware there) last week.