Balenciaga in san francisco?!

  1. Are there any stores in SF that sells Balenciaga? I wonder if the new boomingdales have it... hm....
  2. The new bloomingdales does not carry Balenciaga :sad:

    Your best bet is Neiman Marcus in Union Sq. + there's a SA there who's a PFer...Chrissie
  3. The only Nordstrom that carries them...SF, Arden Fair.
  4. Neiman Marcus has a huge selection of Balenciagas. In doing their recent renovations, they added an entire room of just Bbags.

    The only other store in the city that carries them is Susan in Laurel Heights. They also have a store in Burlingame.
  5. yes, my good friend whose also pf'er is a SA there in the handbag section. PM her. her username is xochrissie
  6. ohhh only problem with neiman is that i'd have to either use cash or their card...>.> i'd hate to carry that much cash around and i don't really want to apply for another card to feed my purse addiction =X
  7. Susan's has B-bags and they sometimes get discounted.
  8. Isn't Arden Fair in Sacramento :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  9. ^^^ yup, it's in Sacramento.
  10. We take American Express too. :yes:
  11. Ah yes...nice of you to clear that up burukogepanda.;)
  12. Nor Cal:

    SF-Neiman Marcus or Susan's

    Sac-Nordstrom at Arden Fair (Going there this weekend :yahoo:)


    Palo Alto-Nordstrom (they have them there because they were returned or because people ordered it then canceled so they have 5 or less on hand)