Balenciaga in San Francisco....

  1. hi everyone! i've finally decided to take the plunge and splurge on a bbag...(more like emptying out a large chunk of my savings =P) i know i want the black first...but instead of ordering from aloha rag...cuz i just can't wait!!! does Saks or Neiman Marcus in San Francisco carry the bbags? i just want to take one home so bad!!! Thanks :yahoo: (SO EXCITED!!)
  2. hi bgyoshi and welcome to bbag fever!!! :graucho:

    Neiman Marcus in SF and Susan's in SF and Burlingame carry Balenciagas. The sticky "Stores NOW carrying Bbags" has contact info and addresses.

    Good luck and make sure to post a pic of your new bag when you get it! :smile:
  3. ahhh...i knew there was a thread with stores but i just couldn't see it haha, and it's right there =P Thanks!!!