Balenciaga in San Francisco?

  1. Hey Bay Area ladies, just wondering where you guys buy your b-bags in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Where should I go to see a decent selection of colours? Thank you!
  2. There is a thread that is called Stores now carrying bbags toward the top of the page. I hope that helps with the list of stores.
  3. Thanks, vbskull. I had a look through there but just wanted to see if any other suggestions might come up.

    So far there is
    - Susans, Burlingame & SF
    - Neiman Marcus?

    Thanks, ladies, and sorry if this is a redundant post, I'm new in these parts!
  4. Neiman Marcus in Union Square, SF have the Balenciaga boutique inside their dept store. It's very small and the SA there isn't really that helpful or knowledgeable (they piss me off this weekend when I went up there to visit :cursing:) but you can at least see a wall full of bbags. :yes:
  5. ^^ The selection for this weekend (as far as I can remember) were:
    -french blue City (w/ giant hardware)
    -one lonely grenat bowling bag (almost took that baby home w/ me)
    -some accessorries (rouge vif wallet and other stuff)

    Not much help there but I can only remember the color but not the styles right now. :push:
  6. susan and Neiman Marcus are the only two stores in san franciso that carry balenciaga...
    sometimes the neiman's in palo alto has some, but it's mostly returns...
  7. If you go to the Neimans in SF - talk to Christine! I met her this past weekend and she's extremely helpful and knowledgeable!!
  8. Also, Peggy O'Brien at Neimans is very helpful, genuine, and just overall a lovely person!! :yes:
  9. Neiman's SF has a GREAT selection!!!
  10. irissy, thank you so much for specifics!
  11. We went to NM last weekend for the express purpose of fondling the Bals :love:

    I knew more than the SA about the styles and colors and I don't even own one-- yet :graucho:

    Also, the new Bloomingdales in SF, near Moscone West carries Balenciagas. :yes:

  12. thanks for the info, hmwe! i didn't know bloomies in the city carried bbags. do you happen to see any anthracite there or nm? TIA!
  13. I did not, sorry :sad:
  14. Really? I called and they said they don't :s
  15. Really?!?!

    I went there a couple of weeks ago over lunch while I was at a computer conf at Moscone West and I sure thought I was playing with a bunch of Balenciages :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    Perhaps I dreamed it?!?!? :shrugs: :supacool: :s