Balenciaga in Paris!

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  1. Hi, newbie here :smile:

    I'm going to Paris in February and was wondering if anyone could tell me where the best place to buy a bal is. Who has the best selection, prices etc. Not keen on going to the actual Bal shop (I find it very intimidating).
    I'm specifically looking for either a work or a city and I'm looking for a green or brown bag.

  2. There should be one in Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, i don't remember which one exactly. but the one i went to was on the 1st floor, and there was quite a wide selection.

    but why not go to the actual bal shop? it's not imitating at all! people are very nice! and it's part of the experience of buying a bbag!
  3. I always feel when i go into the actual shops like they're looking down on me. I'm naturally a very shy person and I'll be with my mum, who doesn't really understand the appeal of an £800 bag lol.
  4. Hi, if you don't want to go to the Balenciaga store, you can go to "Printemps" in the Blvd Haussman, they have a very good Bal selection. Good luck!
  5. As intimidating as it can be to go into one of the actual stores, don't let that deter you from finding exactly the right bag for you! Think about it this way... you are going to have your bags for years and years and you'll only be in the store for at most an hour or so. Isn't it worth the minor discomfort to make sure that the bag you purchase is truly the PERFECT one? Don't let any snobby SAs make you feel like you don't belong there! It is their job to help you find what you're looking for and if you're not getting the kind of service you deserve... move on to somebody else who will help you.

    Good luck finding your bag!
  6. Thanks :smile: I have thought about that lol. I had planned on checking out the department stores first, and if they don't have what I want, I'll go to the store..eek!

    Second question though..When will the pre s/s colours be available in France? The charbon and sanquine look promising.
  7. I'm with you, kid. The less impersonal (i.e. the bearing down of Euro salespeople in the smaller shops - no offense to any Europeans, but you know what I mean) nature of Printemps or Galleries is so much better. I love to shop, but not speaking French too well is a hindrance. I am so used to American style dept. store shopping: I like to look at and touch everything, and not feel pressure to buy. Now it is quite another story if I go shopping with a Euro friend who is fluent and can "talk" as well as deflect salepeople for me.
    All that said, it would probably be worth a trip to BALPARIS even if you end up buying from the dept. store.
  8. at the galeries lafayette store which is a couple of blocks away from the printemps on the same boulevard haussmann, there's a new bal shop on the first floor in the designer zone, you'll find prada clothes shop not far from the bal corner. there are only bags there. they are nice.

    the george V balenciaga boutique. if you don't like snobbish SAs, don't go there, i don't like the mood and the service of that shop at all.
    they used to have some oldies, but now, they've only a few left. if you are lucky you can dig out sth rare though. it's métro line 9 alma-marceau stop.

    these are the prices of some bags :
    twiggy 795 euros
    city rh 945 euros
    part time rh 985 euros
    part time gh 1235 euros
    Weekender rh 1175 euros
    coin purse rh 195 euros
    at the galeries lafayette they have the mini mini 190 euros, the printemps doesn't order these cuties.
    make up clutch : 325 euros
    courier 725 euros
    first 865 euros
    flat clutch gh : 535 euros
    work rh 1075 euros
    besace GH 795 euros
    HTH. enjoy your stay in paris
  9. personally i prefer the actual balenciaga boutique
    the sales girl at printemps is hopeless. she refused to accept that 07 and early 08 pts have feet and warned me about fake bags :s why are they hiring these people
  10. i just went to Bal at George V, Printemps, and Galaries Lafayatte. George V and Printemps are well stocked, i peeped into the storeroom and BOY did i go to to Bal haven. All the colours!!!
  11. Oh don' worry Emma, I went to the Balenciaga boutique in Paris and the sales girl spoke no word of French... Même pas Bonjour!!!!! :shocked:
    I am not so fluent in English and I wasn't prepared to such a situation... I mean, beeing in Paris...

    So don't worry!
  12. ^^that's good to hear! was she pleasant though? maybe i can ask for someone by name specifically. if anyone has an SA at Bal Paris to recommend, please do! I don't speak any French, but I will be with my friend who is fluent.