Balenciaga in Paris

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  1. Hi peeps! I'm going to Paris in a few weeks and am hoping the boy will get me a Bbag for Christmas so I'm just wondering if they are slightly less expensive there or the same or what. Also, which shop (out of the ones listed on the threads here) would have the best selection? I'm after the violet First or City. Thanks in advance!
  2. Printemps Paris have a great selection of bags and if you visit their personal shopping department before you buy you get a 10% discount!
  3. Slightly less expensive than where? If we suppose it's a given you're in the US, then it's not cheaper in Europe for you guys anymore, the dollar is very weak against the euro. I think you should def try Bal and Printemps, you're going at a very good time and they'll both have lots of new bags.
  4. Thanks so much! I'm in the UK so I'm guessing I'd be better off buying in Euros. New colors you say? Eep!!!! :nuts:
  5. Paris is way cheaper than the UK!
  6. I'm not sure about Balenciaga but basically all designer labels at Printemps are "point rouge" which means that the -10% discount doesn't apply to them. :graucho:
  7. 10% discount can not use in Balenciaga ^^
  8. i'm pretty sure you can use the 10% in balenciaga in printemps. look for eric! :smile: i think one of the other tpfers got a 10% for her black city.. even though i didn't buy anything, eric told me you get 12% vat and then 10% foreigner discount. they have a huge selection of violet bags!

    i highly recommend printemps over bal paris cause the service is much better. and 10% is always a plus!! :smile:
  9. Oh I'm just too excited now! Thanks ladies!!!! Hopefully I'll have some goodies to post when I return!!!!
  10. Printemps is definitely cheaper than the UK prices, one UK PF'er in the UK Clubhouse thread said they quoted £650 for a City, which would cost about £750 over here (£700 if you buy from Cricket Liverpool)
  11. ^^^
    Yep. I can vouch for that. I bought two bags in Bal Paris ( a city and a mini bowling) the city was at least 100GBP cheaper and the mini bowling (i think) about 75GBP cheaper:tup:

    Have a great trip! I am going there too, on 4th of December. Maybe we will cross paths;)
  12. I'm there on the 7th, siri anne! And I'll be the one pleading with her boyfriend to splurge for Christmas this year! :P Enjoy your trip as well!
  13. Not only is it cheaper but sounds like the new colours are out in Paris you lucky girls!
  14. The cheapest place to buy B Bags is the USA with the weak dollar, but my friend told me that customs tax going into the UK is huge. bags in the UK are so expensive. Shame you cannot claim the VAT refund being in the EU?
  15. i think paris is still cheaper if you can get a VAT refund but not by much. cause in the us, if you buy from balny, it's quite a hefty sales tax too. i guess AR would be the best since it's free shipping worldwide.