Balenciaga in Nordstrom

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  1. Are there any other Nordstrom stores that carry Balenciaga other than Sacramento, CA?
  2. Someone earlier mentioned Nordstrom's Mall of America also started carrying Bal.
  3. Also, the designer handbag manager at the Walnut Creek store said that the individual stores could get Bal for you - they all have their lookbooks - the only problem is you wouldn't be able to see the bag IRL before you ordered it.
  4. ^ Wow, I never knew that! Has anyone ever ordered from a Nordie's that doesn't typically carry Bal?
  5. Moving this to shopping.
  6. When I was in Nordies Las Vegas earlier this year the SA said that Arden was the only Nordies that carries BBags. But earlier poster said Mall Of America will start carring I guess it's just those two.
  7. I thought I heard somewhere that the Nordies in South Coast Plaza also carried Bal. Also, the Nordstom's Designers Collection catalog that I just got in the mail had a GSH magenta clutch pictured in it. So maybe more Nordies stores will start carrying Bbags (I hope!).
  8. The SA at the SAKS in Union Square said the same thing to me. Although this Saks did not carry Bbags, they had a look book and could order whatever bag I wanted. I was tempted but, I also had the problem of not being able to see the bag in IRL before buying.