Balenciaga In Nice, France????

  1. Calling all European tPFers :sos: I've been laying low for a while as I'm on PurseBan after receiving my Rouge Vif city BUT..... we are heading to the French Riviera in July so the big Q is does anybody know if Bbags are available anywhere in Nice, or St Tropez???
    Thanks Girls :kiss:
  2. Hello:smile:

    Adonis in Monaco stock Balenciaga, so not too far from Nice.

    Going to Nice on Saturday, so will report back if I find any Balenciaga closer than Monaco:yes:
  3. Espace HArroch opposite Chanel stocks Balenciaga in nice.
    they are the only ones :smile:

    Adonis has a lousy choice :sad:
  4. Good to know! Thanks :yes:
  5. DD, I was sent the following list by Bal Paris as I will be in the Normandy/Bretagne area in July. HTH!

    Gago Aix en Provence
    Actuel B - Femme Avignon
    Rose Bastia
    Duchatel Biarritz
    Francine Brandhof Biarritz
    Peri Bordeaux
    55 Croisette Cannes
    Patch et Martine Chambon Courchevel 1850
    Les Passantes Lille
    Un homme à suivre et une femme Marseille
    Vanessa Nancy
    Harroch Nice
    Lobato Paris
    Printemps Paris
    Kabuki Paris
    Maria Luisa Paris
    Maria Luisa Paris
    L'espionne Paris
    Printemps Homme Paris
    Le bon marché Paris
    Kurt Geiger (printemps) Paris
    Franck & Fils Paris
    Intemporel Reims
    Battaglia - St Tropez Saint Tropez
    Martine Chambon St Tropez
    Pulp Strasbourg
    departement feminin Toulouse

    Cannes, St Tropez and Marseille, in addition to the listing in Nice, should be handy for you. Good luck on your search! :yes:
  6. You may need it:
    55 Croisettte,54 bvd(=boulevard) de la croisette,06400 Cannes;Tel
    Martine Chambon,39 rue François Sibilli 83990 St Tropez
    Tel. /fax04.
    (I don't find "Battaglia" on annuary)
    Une femme à suivre,104 rue Paradis,13006 Marseille
    Espace Harroch,7 rue Paradis,06000 Nice
    Do you notice there are 2 Balenciaga's re-sellers with an adress "rue paradis"(=paradise street):p.
    Marseille is a bit far from Nice(Aix en Provence is near Marseille,that why I didn't note the adress,but if you want it,just ask!)
    Hope this helps.
    If you need more phone numbers and adress...I'm here!Hope you'll enjoy your trip!
  7. THANKS A MILL Girls!!!! - you are TRULY amazing! :yahoo: :dothewave: