Balenciaga in Natick, MA?

  1. Does anyone know if the Nordstrom or NM opening in Natick this month will carry balenciaga?

    They aren't posted in the "designers" on the store's websites, but I know they can't post everyone they carry.

  2. I was wondering the same thing and was disappointed when I didn't see Balenciaga listed as one of the designers that the Natick store will carry. I'll probably call tomorrow to find out for sure.
  3. Hey you two ... you going to be there at the *event* on Saturday, Sept-15??? (can you tell I have it in my CALENDAR already?!?!?! ;)

    All I've been hearing is that a LOT of the sales folks that I've dealt with from other stores in the area (e.g., Barneys, Saks, etc.) have jumped ship!! Good ... I hope one of them is going to be in the Handbags and/or Jewelry area!

    I had heard from one of the S/A's in the Boston N/M that they were planning to sell/stock Balenciaga out in Natick. Okay ... so now that that's out ... "DIBS" on the Violet Matelasse :okay::roflmfao:!!!

    We should have a B-Bag party!
  4. I don't have plans to go to the Sep. 15 event but I do want to try to check out the store sometime in the next week.

    Now you have me curious about which Barneys SAs may have jumped ship.

    I hope the NM SA you spoke with is right!
  5. Good to know!

    I'm not likely going to the event-I have to say I'm mildly terrified of how insane that mall is going to be! Although I'm glad they're opening the new shops in two phases so hopefully the mall won't be a total madhouse...

    That said, MH is out of town the weekend of the 22nd-i'll probably be taking a field trip to Natick then!
  6. No kidding ... I'll be royally peeved if I don't see any B-Bags there. It's really the only reason why I'm headed out that way (well - actually, a colleague wanted to go).
  7. I am soooo excited for the new stores to open!!! I live 10 minutes away~ need to save my $ now!!!!!!! LOL
  8. I called Nordstrom tonight and spoke to someone who said that they will not carry Bbags at the Natick store but will have a "Look Book Service" that involves seeing what is in stock at their CA store (only Nordstrom that carries Bbags) and ordering from there.
  9. CW news is doing a tidbit on the store. I'm looking to see if I can spot any Bbags.

    I've been debating about going on the 15th. It's a trek but I think I might make a day of it and stop by my alma matter (Wellesley College) while I'm there.
  10. Yeah ... I'll be doing my "roving reporter" bit on the 15th! I haven't decided which bag I'm going to use yet ... maybe my '07 Tomato Red City w/ SGH!!!