Balenciaga in Naples, FL

  1. I have been on a short vacation in Naples FL and here is an update on bbags I saw. There is a store called Marissa that sells bbags-they only had 4 but here they are....

    Anthra GGH city or PT
    Black whistle
    Vert thyme city RH
    Magenta city RH-leather looked good not veiny

    Also went to Saks. They had

    Mastic GGH city
    Bubble gum GGH city, RH city, first
    Magenta RH city-vieny leather
    Vert thyme GSH city
    NEW blue- work RH looked like electric blue??
    Bunch of blacks and whites with RH and GGH
    Sahara RH city-Great leather
    Violet RH city

    Tomato RH walle
    Bright green RH small wallet
    and some other RH accessories

    NO day bags or hobos
  2. Sure the Violet RH was a city? I was under the impression Saks only bought the PT and Step?( reason I ask is I'm looking for a pt)
  3. Thanks for the info! How was the leather on the VT RH City? :tispy:

  4. Hi~ It definitely was not a step....maybe a PT,but I THINK it was a is the number; you can give them a call 239 592 5900
  5. Lauren~ The city had GSH and the leather looked nice not veiny like the magenta
  6. I forgot! Saks also had a grey twiggy
  7. ^what shade of grey?
  8. Amie~it was a lighter gray (kind of like griege) and had a bit of distressing. Not as much as the magentas we have seen lately..... Nice leather though; if you are interested, ask them to send a pic.

    I love Louboutin simples too!
  9. Thanks for posting. It was a Violet PT. Hopefully this one will be ok.
  10. The Marissa store had a PLOMB part time w GGH~not Anthra.....hope this helps.
  11. They can send me a picture? Because I want a grey bag, but not greige as I find it too close to Natural (IMHO) and I have a Natural Day already. The magentas...I'm really feeling a lot of "consternation" (anybody else watch the Project Runway marathon with the reunion where Tim Gunn uses those great SAT words? Yea, I'm quoting, no worries! lol) about Magenta. I'm waitlisted but the bags that are showing up, I'm wondering if I should get one anymore, yknow?

    Yay! They are so classy, I feel, the rounded toe is just lovely.
  12. Yes, I would ask the SA to take a pic and email to you. The grey was actually quite pretty-