Balenciaga in Malaysia

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  1. Hi all! I'll be going on a short vacation to Kuala Lumpur.Anyone here know where I can find some Bbags there? ANd would you know if prices would be higher or lower as compared to the US? Thanks!;)
  2. Definitely higher. I know a friend who bought one from one small boutique, but I can't for the life of remember the name, it was in a mall called Avenue K (opposite Suria KLCC/Twin Towers through an underground connection). They had a teeny amount and a long waitlist. Shuz in KLCC used to but I don't think they do anymore. Honestly the US stock and prices are far better. I know there are some TPF members here from Singapore, which isn't far from Malaysia, that might be better?....
  3. or just go for free shipping and excellent service so it doesn't matter where you are..! :yes:
  4. Really? What a disappointment :sad: I read somewhere that it would be cheaper. I guess not! Wonder if ships to asia though....
  5. I just bought a Work from Norway (check thread on authorised retail stores) at below retail. They ship worldwide and I reside in Singapore

  6. yes they do..! :p
  7. Stefelinately!! You're a dream come true! :nuts: Would you be able to PM me the details of how to go about ordering from Norway and shipping to Singapore? Did shipping cost much? Thanks thanks thanks!
  8. Unless you absolutely have to, don't get it from the boutique in Singapore. It's marked up at least a couple hundred above US retail prices (after conversion is done etc)
  9. after 5% import duties and shipping cost (around US$90 i think with UPS = S$150ish?), aren't b-bags from the US going to cost about the same as buying in singapore?
  10. Thanks Pyrexia! I'm trying to find all sorts of alternatives to getting it at the shop here! It IS marked up quite a bit. :sad:

    Hey bagpunk, I'm hoping to get it from someplace that ships for free (like aloharag - but unfortunately they don't seem to have stock for the grenat city...), and that will save me some! *hopeful*
  11. Really depends on the store. When I was in Hong Kong, with the favorable exchange rate and no sales tax Louis Vuitton was cheaper than in US. However, the Coach bags cost more in Hong Kong than here. Also, if you use your credit card overseas you are charged a service fee. Typically about 3% so you should factor that into the cost of the bag.
  12. Aloharag ships for free above USD500 purchases.
    Bagpunk, you mean Spore Customs 5% of the purchase price for import duty? Confirm? Been wondering about this tooooo....
    Thanks much!
  13. Cynamin...really? Thanks v much for the info...will be gg to HK soon...ekekeke
  14. Hi hi, the 5% is the goods and services tax, like VAT. It is for goods valued above S$400 that are imported into Singapore. So they will check what the declared value of the item is listed as. This is going to be raised to 7% come 1st July 2007. :push:
  15. Springblossoms... oh so its our normal GST then? Sighh...ok then...thanks for clarifying...ekekeke. I DREAD July!