Balenciaga in London- help please!!!!!

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  1. Hi, please help me, I'm going to London only for 5 day on the 23rd of Feb, I really want to buy a balenciaga bag, giant city in black or giant work in black - don't know yet. I read some posts and I am worried, should I put myself on a waiting list or something, or can I just go there and buy one?? it possible that those bags will be sold out??? Please help me since it's my dream to buy one....
  2. They usually have quite a good selection in the London Balenciaga boutique (in Mount Street), but of course there is always a risk that a specific bag that you want will be sold out. I would try and call them and ask if I were you. There is a list of the shops where they sell Balenciagas on the Bal website, with tel numbers etc:

    Good luck!