Balenciaga in L.A. - Violet or Jaune?

  1. Has anyone sighted any of these in L.A. stores? (Barney's New York in BH and Maxfield) Or anywhere else in L.A.?

  2. I was at Barney's BH yesterday and no violet or jaune.
  3. Anyone go to the Barneys warehouse sale yet? Any Bal sightings?
  4. I was at both Barney's Warehouse and Barney's NY this weekend ... No Bal bags at the Warehouse sale, but some nice Balenciaga clothing. Barney's NY has none of the new colors yet--mostly blacks.
  5. i was there too!! i actually saw a gorgeous magenta city on saturday morning - i was there with my husband and 2 small boys. mainly i was chasing them around the wherehouse!! strange they weren't into shopping that early :p
  6. How was the leather on the Magenta city if you don't mind me asking?
  7. it was incredible! i am not a fan of anything pink, but the color was so rich and saturated, more of a dark pink then a light pink - just magenta! i was jealous:drool:
  8. Wow, I didn't see any Bbags for sale at the warehouse sale though I saw a couple of people carrying Bbags and I wanted to follow them around but was chasing a toddler through the suit racks.
  9. So, let me get this straight - Barney's Warehouse had a 2005 Magenta City?!?!
  10. no no no - i SAW someone carrying it as they were shopping! no f'ing way they would have one of those babies on sale!
  11. ME TOO! what day - i was there sat morning with two blonde boys running back and forth!
  12. Whew! I thought I missed something!
  13. LoL...okay...well, it could've been remotely possible (and monkeys could fly... ;) )
  14. I went on the first day (not when doors opened, though), and I heard a lady who had been there since 7:30 am say that when they opened up, all of the girls made a rush for the accessories section in back, and all of the designer bags got grabbed up w/in 3 minutes. (!)
  15. I always wondered if they would have any bbags... I know someone on a thread once said they got a mini classique or mini twiggy at the Barneys outlet. I think they go to the warehouse sale first and then the outlet.. so it's possible! :rolleyes: