Balenciaga in Korea?

  1. mom's going on a business trip to Korea around may.... and she's dragging me along as a personal assistant... :yucky:

    so i'm wondering.... how much are balenciagas there...? are they more expensive than in canada and the US..? i checked on atelier and apparently the only place that sells balenciagas is Mui Galleria or something something like if it just happens to be where i'm going :shrugs: is it worth a visit?

    i might as well be an opportunist and take advantage of shopping with mom.. :graucho:
  2. Sometimes it's better buying overseas if the USD is strong in the country you're shopping in. Last year I went to Hong Kong and it was awesome. Good exchange rate and no sales tax. Only thing is that if you use your credit card, the bank will charge you a service fee % which might negate the good exchange rate. If you're there you might as well check out all the luxury brands. Have fun on your triop.
  3. I dunno the price however I did encounter some really interesting shops in Ap ku gung (SP) Right across the Gallaria down the street (go right, if the galleria is is behind you) there are several stores two with the same name (can't miss them because there is designer bags in the window) They are a consignment\reseller of designer bags. I saw quite a bit of b bags there and 100s of Louis. You may find something you like. Take a look at this site so you may be well informed before you purchase
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga hardware - the devil's in the details

    Good luck, hope you find a bag there.:flowers: