Balenciaga in Hong Kong

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  1. Does anyone know where can i buy bbag in Hongkong ? is there any shops tat sell used authentic balen bags sold in hongkong ? thank youuu palss
  2. I'm not from HK, but on my trip there last year, I believe that there are quite a number of shops that sell used bags, whether they actually have auth Bbags depends on their stock. Milan station and Paris station (if my memory serves me correctly) has a few branches each. You can check with your hotel conciage for their addresses and which one is nearer to you.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, I think there's an actual Balenciaga store in Hong Kong too. :smile:
  4. You are correct Spiralsnowman, there is a boutique in Hong Kong. Here are the details from Balenciaga:
    Ground Floor
    Entertainment Building
    Queen's Road
    Hong Kong
    +852 3428 8086

    When I was there last Christmas the other Joyce boutiques also sold bbags.
  5. yup there's a bal shop in central.... :smile:
  6. thank youuu girlz :yes: im goin to find it laterrr...
    wish me luck
  7. There is a balenciaga boutique in central right before the slope up Lan Kwai Fong.

    Joyce boutique in TST carries quite a number of B-bags there too.

    THere's also Milan stations that have brand new and used balenciaga. The Milan at Lan Kwai Fong has rouge vif and the rouille city brand new last week. You can try the Milan at causeway bay too. THey have some good cities sometimes.
  8. are they cheaper or more expensive in Hong Kong?
  9. The Firsts at the Balenciaga Boutiques costs HKD8,960 (Approx. USD1,150 according to the current exchange rate)

    The Cities are at HKD9,960 (Approx. USD1,275)

    Pretty pricey compared to the US. I can get mine at aloha rag at the US prices and free shipping!!
  10. usually, prices for bags n branded good in HK is cheaper compares to other asia countries n australia..
  11. Yes, that's usually the case for some other luxury goods. Apparently not Balenciaga... :sad: Dammit.:cursing:
  12. Lots of Balenciaga available in Milan Stations or the occasional two or one only?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. is a wonderful resource for these questions too!
  14. O, thanks lots:yes:
  15. In places like Milan station, you'll find a few, it all depends. Some stores have more than others. But the plus side is in places such as Causeway Bay, there are many of these resellers shops within walking distance of one another. There's Milan Station, Vip Station, Paris Station (haha I know their names are quite funny). But in these shops, you'll find mostly LV and Hermes.
    If you have any local friends who has something called a Joyce card, bring them along with you to Joyce or the Balenciaga store in Central. You'll get 10% off normal merchandise including bbags.