balenciaga in Hong KOng

  1. hey there

    I am traveling to asia for a couple of weeks. anyone know where to buy balenciaga in HK?

    Thanks.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Try Joyce. I think they're the only authorized seller in HK. There's one in Central, across from Harvey NIchols, one in Tsim Tsa Tsui inside the big mall, and one in Admiralty inside Pacific Place.

    If you're looking for Balenciagas from past seasons, there is something called Milan Station, which sells authentic luxury bags though it might be secondhand. They also travel to Europe to buy highly sought after bags and sell it in HK for a bit of profit because people in HK are bag-crazy.

    Hope this helped
  3. I think there is a Balenciaga store located in HK :smile:
  4. ^^ Yes there is..also in Central.

    Also you can try Twist. There is one in Tsim Sha Tsui and one in the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay (behind Sogo) that had a few from this season (e.g. Ink Weekender) when I last visited a week ago.

    Have fun in Asia!
  5. BTW I was at the Milan Station near Lee Theatre two days ago and they had a cornflower first, various colours like emerald and rouielle in courier, an '05 grey first and a few cities in colours like ink, olive and lilac. They were selling for HK$6500 +
  6. Hi, toiletduck....Do you know much does a First cost in HK??? I will be going to HK in September & maybe I can compare the price first because I go. Thanks!:graucho:
  7. Sure! I've been told that it retails for around the high 6000's. At the stores such as Milan station it sells for around the same amount. I am rather surprised that the price of these bags barely drop unless you catch a deal. I mentioned once in a post that I saw a magenta twiggy on sale at Milan Station for around HK$4600 and that seemed like quite a steal.

    The thing with buying in HK is that there is a limited stock. The Actresses and Tai Tai's no longer care for the B-bag so the Balenciaga store doesn't have as many colours as they would in the US. However, with the exchange rate (esp. if you are from Canada!) and lack of tax it is probably a little bit cheaper to purchase them here. Good luck!
  8. Thanks a lot, toiletduck! (you have a really funny name) :roflmfao: It's good to hear that B-bag is only retail around for high 6000! tax too. :yes: I just hope they will have the blueberry first by the time I go in September. I can't wait to walk into a Balenciaga store! I will search all the Milan store for a turquoise 05 first too...:lol: Thanks for the info once again. :yes:
  9. :roflmfao: The Tai Tai's no longer care for b-bag. hehehehehehehehe.

    This link ought to help you out. I compiled it a while ago. It's good for bargain hunters. Somewhere on there, I scanned a flyer with all the milan station addresses & contact number.

    Sometimes, there are sales at twist- the store that toiletduck mentioned.
  10. oh- and I forgot to mention... you can bargain at milan station. usually an extra 5% off. or 10% if you suck up to the SAs (or know them well)
  11. Thanks a lot mlertpac.......I will definitely print it out before I go :yahoo:
  12. oh wow. thank you so much girls. I am so so excited.....cannot wait to go on vacation.....

    thank you jessieee12, mlertpac, happyangel & toiletduck... all of you for the excellent information....

    any other designer stores you recommend.....
  13. No prob.

    Hey Toiletduck and Mlertpac, I have (well my mom) has their VIP cards (joyce and twist) and you usually get 10% off normal merchandise. Does this apply to Balenciaga bags?

    BTW, the Balenciaga store is the one at the bottom of Lan Kwai Fong right? Hmm..i wonder if they ahve the new colors in yet...
  14. Buy lots of yummy B-bags in HK and post pictures for us girls to drool at!!! :graucho: I'm so jealous... :amuse:
  15. I can't wait to check out the new colours..i haven't had time to stop by the shops yet!!

    You're very welcome girls! I hope you all get great bags at great prices! :biggrin:

    As for the 10% off at Twist..YES IT APPLIES TO B-BAGS!! That's why i got all 3 of my b-bags from twist. :biggrin: There is a SA at the WOrld Trade one called 'Gobby' (odd name :P) who is very nice and very helpful.

    As for my SO opened this account for himself to look at stuff for me...but then I took over. Toiletduck really isn't something i would choose, LOL!