Balenciaga in Europe: where to buy?

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  1. ok ladies! for those of us who live in europe, where do you think is the best place to get Balenciaga bags? I got both of mine in Balenciaga Paris but since I'm not going there anytime soon I'm considering buying online, but ebay is not an option... so is aloha rag the best possibility?:wacko:
  2. Danae, where in Europe are you? sells b-bags. The bags at Van Ravenstein are a couple of euro cheaper but depending where you are the shipping costs might be more or less than LVR.
  3. Can't you get them on cricket design wear?
  4. Cal, I'm in Greece. There are a couple of authorized dealers in Athens but I think they carry a very small selection that sells out before you can even think which bag you want! I'll check out LVR, thanks a lot! :smile:
  5. Do you think there's any chance for balenciagas in ? they stock past seasons' clothes but i've never seen bags...
  6. kahk3000, I've never heard of cricketdesignwear before, I'll check it out, thanks!!!!
  7. I monitor yoox constantly (the depot is 80 kms from where I live so I buy a lot of stuff there) and I've seen last month a yellow canvas City with black trimmings. But so far it has been the only one!
  8. Most retailers only sell via the telephone but not online. I mostly buy mine at Balenciaga Paris when I'm there or sometimes they ship it to me. Here in Switzerland, you can check out Bon Genie in Geneva or Trois Pommes in Zurich.
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  10. Hi girls, I'm also on the mission of buying Bal online. I buy on yoox frequently but don't remember ever seeing balenciaga bag there.

    I also tried buying on Raffaello few weeks ago, but to my disappointment my order was canceled because the bag was out of stock.

    I also know Styledrops has nice collection but IMO they are a bit overpriced so I'm still on the hunt! :smile:
  11. What about buying in Paris and having them ship to you?
  12. Anyone know how much a RH Work would cost in Paris?
  13. I also had a bad experience with RN. I had a bad experience with their website and with customer service. I would not recommend RN.

  14. i really want to purchase a new balenciaga bag. a weekender or a work.
    but i don't know where i can buy it to a low price?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.