Balenciaga in D.C.?

  1. I'm going home (D.C.) for the weekend and would love to see a cache of b-bags all in one place - but now that i think about it, I don't think i've ever seen them for sale there (but I know they have to be!)

    I've only ever seen one other person wearing a b-bag (in Georgetown) while in D.C.

    D.C./Md./NoVa ladies - any tips?

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. i would love to know as well, i live in DC...
  3. beauxgoris - Neimans in the Galleria mall at Tysons Corner near McLean, VA now carries Bbags.
  4. ^^Have you (or anyone) been there lately to check out their selection?
  5. No, not lately I haven't. HTH
  6. What's HTH mean? :shame:
  7. ^Hope that helps. :flowers:
  8. ^^Oh gotcha! Thanks - if I can sneek away from DH (with my friend) i'll check it out!:P :flowers:
  9. beauxgoris- don't forget to give us the report of what's there! If you see the rouge vif please inspect them for me!
  10. The only place to buy Balenciaga bags in the metro D.C./Md./Va. area is at the Neiman Marcus at Tyson's Galleria. They began selling Bbags around Mother's Day and they "flew out the door," according to my SA. I was there about a month ago, and I'm not sure if they've gotten the new fall colors in stock since then. At that time in early June, there wasn't a huge selection, maybe 8-10 bags in the current spring/summer colors.
  11. Good to know.
  12. I was there last week....

    The SA that I work with, Linda, told me that they get new shipments every week since they are flying out the door. I just got my first B-Bag there - black First (boring I know).

    From what I can remember, last weekend, they had:

    First - black, blueberry (that's the dark blue, right?)
    City - black, blueberry, dark green, grey (slate-colored)
    Work - I can't remember the colors, but I remember seeing them there

    I would call to ask what they have....they are really nice. I recommend Linda, Aziz, or Francesca....they are all really, really nice SAs.
  13. So I just called tysons: the sa told me that they got a shipment in last week and they've already sold most of the bags - they only have what's on the floor left:

    They did have the city in grey, and lt. green (emerald?) and the work in sapin - but he said they were running pretty low.

    NO rouge vif's what-so-ever, although they have more on order (he said between now and november - whatever that means) and that he didn't know when they would arrive.

    So I put my name down for a rouge vif city bag - I figure if it doesn't show until oct./nov. that gives me plenty of time to pay it off, right? I know I know i'm bad....:shame: :shame: :shame:
  14. I have been to NM in Tysons several times in trhe last month and they have had a steady inventory but what I've seen has clearly been picked over: caramel twiggy, caramel work, caramel first, caramel in some new styles, emerald first, emerald day, pale rose city, black first.
  15. I was there last week, but didnt really look at the Bbag selection. However, about a month ago, they had a pretty good selection of firsts. Good luck :biggrin: