Balenciaga in Buffalo????

  1. I'm going to be in Buffalo for a couple of days the week after next (don't ask...please, don't ask...). Does anyone know if there are any stores there that carry Balenciaga?

    I promise not to take it personally if no one posts in this thread, because I have a nasty feeling the only bbags I'll see when I'm marooned there will be the ones I take with me...sigh.:sad:
  2. So funny! My brain thought you were asking about Balenciaga bags being made in Buffalo leather...
  3. You are kidding right??

    Joking aside, I live near Rochester - NO HIGH END STORES in Western, NY.
    Lord and Taylor - that's it!
    Thank God for the internet.

    However, we are moving up and a Sephora just opened!

    Anyway, sorry. You could take the 1.5-2 hr drive across the border to Toronto. I believe Holt Renfrew sells Balenciaga. I think they are located on Bloor St.
    near the Yorkville neighborhood.

    Where are you from?
  4. TORONTO, Damnit!!!! :roflmfao: I was looking for some SERIOUS Bal stock...not what little I find here!! But many thanks. Really. Seriously. That would have been the perfect suggestion, if...just...I didn't live here! ;)
  5. You know, with all the junk that's been showing up on you-know-where the past few days in particular, Buffalo Bags may be the next step!!! :push:
  6. haha..LoL... bummer! I did notice that there is a Saks Off Fifth store in Niagara Falls NY though...maybe you could find some deals (on other stuff..not Bal :p).
  7. HAHA don't bother.
    It's like shopping at Target.

    Oh well..........

  8. Remember the "Fast Ferry" fiasco??????!

  9. I live just outside of Syracuse. The shopping is horrible! We have a Lord & Taylor but the only brands they carry that are "designer" are Coach, Michael Korrs, and Kate Spade. There is a cute store in Armory Square that sells Kooba.
  10. Say, now...that went well, didn't it???? :tup: LOL...if it weren't so pathetic!!
  11. Have fun in Buffalo!!
    You can always go out for chicken wings !