Balenciaga in Blue color from spring 06!!

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  1. Ladies,please welcome this new baby.I wanted to get it in the medium but i got the small one in then end. did i make the wrong choice?what do you guys think of the color?I am loving it tho..:love:it's cute.!!i was saving up for a paddington but couldn't resist more balenciagas!!HELP!!i'm in a balenciaga craze mode..just can't get enough of them!!!:Push:
    new 002.jpg
  2. ohhhh it's lovely congrats!!!!!!!! :love: :nuts:
  3. The colour is gorgeous!
  4. I just love it!! I'm on the hunt for the city in this colour.
  5. Love the color!
  6. nice color. very cute!
  7. I LOVE that color! NM had a Work bag in that color and I'm going back there today to buy it...hope it's still there. :Push:
  8. Congrats, mshashmount! Have fun with your new bag.
  9. Gorgeous color!!! COngrats and thank you for posting pics:love:
  10. congrats! i have exactly the same one and i really like it. the size and the color fit me perfectly well. hope you enjoy it too! :smile:
  11. Congratulations! GORGEOUS color!!! It's on my "lust list!!!"

    I have three Firsts--I think the size is adorable. If you don't carry a lot of stuff, it's a great size. (I do want a City next, though. It's a really practical size too.) But you can get that size next time. (We all know there WILL be a next time!)
  12. Lovely color :love: Congrats!
  13. Beautiful! Take it everywhere. She will make you very happy!!
  14. It's adorable! Congrats! Is that the cornflower blue? Enjoy!!! And no, you didn't make the wrong choice! As much as I love the Paddington, I love the Balenciagas so much more!!!!
  15. :love::love::love::love:
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